Zone of Enders HD Collection Review

[show_hide title=”Zone of Enders: HD Collection”] Developer(s):Konami Publisher(s) By: Konami Rated: “M” for Mature Price: $39.99 Release Date: October 30th Platform(s): Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3[/show_hide] Looks like Konami is at it again, bringing back two more their PS2 Kojima Production classics and giving them a good deal of polish.

Zombie Driver HD Review

[show_hide title=”Zombie Driver HD Information”] Developer(s):EXOR Studios Publisher(s) By: EXOR Studios Rated: “M” for Mature Price: $9.99 or 800 MSP Release Date: October 17th Platform(s): Xbox 360 & Steam (PS3 Soon)[/show_hide] Developers EXOR Studios brings us a blood splattering game of driving and zombie slaughter, titled Zombie Driver HD. Zombie

Dragonborn DLC Gets A Release Date

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be getting a DLC next month. Titled Dragonborn, you’ll journey to the island of Solstheim. On your adventure you’ll encounter new towns, dungeons, and quests. Discover new shouts, one in particular will even allow you to tame dragons. Not all is good though, you’ll

PlayStation All-Stars Get’s Free DLC

Sony has announced, that even though PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hasn’t released yet it’s getting free DLC. So what’s new in the DLC? Two new playable characters, Emmett Graves from Starhawk and Kat from Gravity Rush. Sony describes each character with the statement’s below: In addition to the signature weapons

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

[show_hide title=”XCOM: Enemy Unknown Information”] Developer(s) By: Fireaxis Games Publisher(s) By: 2K Games Rated: “M” for Mature Price: $59.99 Release Date: October 9th Platform(s): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC[/show_hide] Since the release of the first installment, UFO: Enemy Unknown, in 1994, fans have been eager for more of the