Welcome to Nerd4Sure.com, a great source for all things gaming related.

Founded in November of 2011, Nerd4Sure.com started out as a free domain website. Originally Nerd4Sure.weebly.com, the fan base and viewers grew exponentially. In a matter of months, Nerd4Sure viewers grew rapidly. 4 months later (how ironic), I finally made the decision to purchase a domain. I thank all of you who have supported and visited Nerd4Sure.com at least once, because of you I would have never thought Nerd4Sure would have escalated as much as it has in less than 5 months.

Since Nerd4Sure started, relations with game studios began quickly and pleasantly. Nerd4Sure is in relations with PopCap Games, Bethesda Studios, MonkeyPaw Games, DoubleSix Games, and many more. We strive to provide a positive and respectable environment towards our relations with the game studios.

From what started as a one man website, it quickly spawned a great writing staff. As of now, Nerd4Sure currently has three contributor writers and well me. We will thrive to deliver great and worthy content for you (the viewer) to read every day. For now, this is the beginning of Nerd4Sure, it is after all only been 4 months, now imagine what we can do and become as the year progresses.