Avenger Review (Xbox 360 Version) – “Game Better”

After the tremendous fail from Ocean Marketting (see what I did there!), many of you forgot the entire reason for the incident, the Avenger itself. It was probably easy to say that even though the disaster was viewed negatively it however prompt some to have much interest in the Avenger. Now aside from that, I’d like to mention that the new PR that provided this sample for reviewing purposes was absolutely generous and friendly. Regardless, in what was easily the strangest accessory I have seen or ever used for any controller, the Avenger was actually the most beneficial to my gaming skills. The whole idea that gaming without the need to take your fingers off the analog stick is brilliant, not only did it help with first person shooters in reloading or swapping weapons it also felt nicely well designed for looking a bit confusing.

First Impression:

Upon opening the box my immediate reaction was well, surprised. The Avenger gave me the impression that it’s a complex accessory; it made me think my controller was soon to be non-functional. The Avenger felt light weight and also felt well put together; the sturdiness and tough shell was also fairly thin so it was visually present that the Avenger won’t add much weight or bulkiness to the controller. The large tentacle structures caught my attention quickly. Although it seems different it’s not too far from the usual. The Avenger features three extended arms for the (X), (Y), and (B) buttons. The Avenger was odd on the eyes, but the design is easily appealing; the black color is an all-time favorite. The mate finish, the engraved lines and textured dots added a little something to the full visual effect.


To my surprise, the design was actually very good. Although the Avenger may seem difficult to use, it’s actually not. The shell structure is made of a very high quality plastic. The nice texture ridges were also a good look for stylization. The shell was also nicely smooth for your palms; I’d even go as far as to say that it was more comfortable than without the Avenger. The extended arms for the (X), (Y), and (B) buttons were all easily flexible so you can adjust them to your liking, but beware they can only move so far. The best part about the design is that the Avenger has a wide concept for adjustment, for example your hand size, flexibility in your fingers, and etc. With that said, I’d also like to mention the nice touch with the pressure screws that lay over the (X), (Y), and (B) button. You can also adjust them to the amount of force you want to put on the extended arms. All you do is screw the pressure towards the button for an easy touch, but if you want to fully push and not lightly push the extended arms then you can just unscrew the pressure away from the button.

Although the Avenger was nicely designed it did have its flaws. My concern was with the placement of both the (X) button and the (B) button extensions. To press the (B) button, you had to use your right hand index finger’s proximal phalanx, the bottom bone in your fingers, which is a very awkward and at time uncomfortable to use, sometime I even just pressed the button normally. Now the (X) button is better, my only concern is that when I try to press the left bumper I can sometimes mistakenly hit the (X) button. I couldn’t ever get the right degree of angel that the tentacle should have been, after many attempts too. Also because of the design, the Avenger is not compatible with all microphones. The regular Xbox branded microphones work, but if you use headsets with a wide plug it most likely will not fit into the slot the Avenger leaves open.


The concept is simple, play without ever taking your fingers off the analog sticks, by doing so you’ll play better especially in first-person shooters. The big question, did it work? Yes, it worked wonderfully! In fact, the Avenger was the most beneficial in improving my gaming skills than the other peripherals I have recently tried. Since my fingers stay on the analog sticks all the time aiming and moving was so easy that it became second nature. Using the extended arms to press the buttons was simple and allowed for a stress free environment. Need to reload? Then just simply press the button while constantly and keeping your fingers on the target aiming or dashing away. The Avenger works and the performance coming out will help you game better, but keep in mind it will take time to get used to it and you may find yourself doing bad at first. The Avenger performance excellent and is comfortable and easy to use, once you get the hang of it.

Overall Experience:

Even though the Avenger has its faults, it’s still a very well made product that will improve your gaming skills adequately. If you love playing multiplayers like Halo or Call of Duty this product is for you; in no time you’ll own the competition. Just keep in mind that the Avenger will help you but will not make you a PRO gamer overnight, or ever. It helps, but doesn’t permanently grant you magic skills to reach a dramatic K/D higher than anyone. It took some time to get used to, but once I got the hang of the Avenger I became a part of the controller and found myself owning more noobs than before. The wide array of customization on the Avenger is a big plus, but the awkwardness that comes from the (B) is a bit under designed. In conclusion, the Avenger is a wonderful product to own, and if you really need the help in gaming then you may want to buy one soon.

A review unit was provided for reviewing purposes. This review is based on the Xbox 360 version.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • danielfan


  • zero110100

    Finally a sincere review.I often buy controllers and accessories on impulse,anything that improves my play(ie fps freek,hori 360 pad ex2).So,I’ll give the Avenger a chance.

  • JavaMusic

    Looks weird, but it looks like it would work. Do you know if it’s compitable with FPS freeks?

    • http://Nerd4Sure.com/ Nerd4Sure

       Sadly no the avenger isn’t compatible with FPS freeks. Something to do with the way the analog always hits the case because of the extended height.

      • JavaMusic

        Aw, that’s kind of a letdown. I don’t own any of them, but from what I hear the FPS freaks look better to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Rose/100000887108980 Michael Rose

    I just want to hold it in my hands. Wish they had like try out stations for these types of things at B&M’s. Would be nice. x.x

  • http://twitter.com/DomPaolo Domenic Paolo

    This thing looks really cool, and as said by someone else, I just kind of want to hold it in my hands to see how it feels. I play a lot of first person shooters, like Call of Duty and Halo, so this is something I made need to start using.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jot.singh.92102 Jot Singh

    that thing looks awesome

  • http://twitter.com/jneatherlin Jason Neatherlin

    wow that looks pretty sweet

  • kenneth

    dnt you ever get tired and annoyed of pushing and pressing the buttons of your game controllers that response like ages?and get frustrated because your character died coz it couldn’t fire back just as precise as you want it too? I always get that feeling while playing,

    until i tried Avenger game controllers. Actions are faster, response quicker and more precise. was also HAPPY with their EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and SPEEDY SHIPPING. what are you waiting for grab one now

  • Nancy

    happy that its back! ive been waitng for this monster to come back. so excited to have my hands on it. gaming time!

  • kimmy

    This is a masterpiece which makes every gamer’s experience one hell of a kind. ^_^

  • johnloyd.novak

    wow, so cool. i bought one and play all day, so easy to use

  • http://twitter.com/CherryRasulka Ciara

    This thing is absolutely odd! I saw it at first & wondered what its pourpus was! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/kman.jarvis Kevin Jarvis

    This thing is a beast! Definitely improves your playstyle.

  • http://twitter.com/ilRadd ilRadd

    That is just funky – not sure I could get used to it, but I see the idea.

  • http://twitter.com/liljrSanchez Juanito Sanchez™

    Awesome! I know of of my friends who owns this, then again, weird crap actually works! ex: XtendPlay, KontrolFreek, etc.