Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 has proven to me that it’s just a bit a tad beyond the call of duty. The visuals were pretty, the controls were robust, and the story was interesting. In retrospect, Battlefield 3 is similar to its predecessors, but with more and I mean a lot more content added onto it. Featuring this time around, an upgraded graphics engine and is now centered on a more modernized war.Sadly, Battlefield’s 3 campaign is a lackluster adventure with pretty visuals; and luckily, its the multiplayer that saves it.

The story of Battlefield 3’s campaign revolves around Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn who is interrogated by two CIA agents throughout the game. I don’t want to spoil the story; therefor I can easily say that it was similar to Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. As Blackburn is interrogated he gives the details to what happened during his time in combat. You are then taken back through flash backs of the events he is talking about. It’s not original but it works and was definitely still enjoyable.

Battlefield 3 (for the Xbox 360) has pretty visuals, opposed to the PC version, which is beautiful; regardless I did find some problems. Minor glitches like an enemy standing straight like a 4X4 after you had just killed him were frustrating. Then you also had random items turning demonic on you like when there was a barrel twisting and twirling in the air after an explosion had caused it to fly outward. Take in mind that these were not often and only happened maybe three times or so. Towards the end of the game I did notice a few lags especially in the last mission of the game. It didn’t ruin the game but was faulting the experience a bit. In the muliplayer I found only a few problems, there was occasional glitches but they were minimal. Some texture pop in even well after the match had started, and also it seemed difficult to play with some of the lighting. Regardless, the graphics towards muliplayer were good and highly better than the campaigns. Overall, I recommend you install the texture pack for the Xbox 360 version; there definitely a noticeable difference and it will enhance your gaming experience.

Battlefield 3 feels like previous Battlefields. The controls are as in tune as before. If you’re a Battlefield vet you should have no problems, but if you’re new to the franchise it won’t take you long to become comfortable with the controls. I did find some stiffness towards a few missions that put you behind a vehicle. Although the experience felt powering the controls to maneuver a tank was at times frustrating. It was too slow when you had enemies attacking you and at times it was too fast that you’d end up crashing into things. I did find that the jet in a previous mission was much more enjoyable since you did not have to control it, but instead control the weapons. I did like the customization options to change your sensitivity and button layout to something more soothing. Online is where things get better. The controls act very well it was easy to gun down enemies. From jumping over ledges to covering from gun fire, the controls felt very real. I can tell the developers really took their time to make sure this game was playable to a wide range of audiences.

Battlefield 3‘s campaign was enjoyable. It may not be for those adrenaline junkies, but it offered some memorable moments and some amazing cinematic sequences. The problem with Battlefield 3’s campaign was that it was 4-5 hours on the normal difficulty. I would have liked to see more to it along with a more original story that can please any movie fanatic. The soundtrack was okay and the sound effects were perfect. Battlefield 3 may not have lived up to the expectations I was hoping for but it was still a good game.

Multiplayer is where Battlefield 3 shines. The maps are big and the obstacles in your way are, well not in your way. The option to customize your solider, weapons, classes and more is a great uprising to Battlefield games. I can easily say, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is a true match to that of Activion’s Modern Warfare 3. The action is fast paced and the visuals are still pretty. The sounds effects are beautiful and the combat is intense. It was fast and easy to join games. The servers are strong and I rarely was dropped from any game. There was little to no lagging and if I or the enemy shot first, it stood out and actually happened. Overall, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer has saved this review and earned it an extra point. Most of your memorable times should, and most likely will, be centered around the multiplayer. Maybe soon you can forget about the campaign aspect.

In the end, Battlefield 3 is a good game. The campaign may have “lagged” and at times was frustrating to play with long loading times and an difficult settings. Thanks to the multiplayer, which redeemed the entire game. The intense adrenaline combat and the easy controls saved Battlefield 3. With future DLC, with maps, guns, etc. I can easily say I look forward to what Battlefield 3 has to offer, in multiplayer. As for campaign, I could care less.

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Written by: Joseph Caballero

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