Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3(MW3) is finally here, but does it live up to the expectations and hype surrounding it? I am glad to, yes! With over the top action and an addicting multiplayer, Modern Warfare 3 is more of what you love. Taking everything that knew, into something even better and original.

The campaign is all about over the top action. It is described as a film directed by Michael Bay. From iconic structures falling, to the chase of a helicopter after you; Modern Warfare 3 can really entertain, with momentous cinematic scenes in every mission. At first the campaign started off a bit slow. You are introduced to new characters, straying away from the main characters from Modern Warfare 2’s (MW2) ending. The story revolves around one objective: Kill Makarov. Although the additional story line would be about the Russian President, who is kidnapped by Makarov’s men and is beaten into surrendering the codes for total devastation. It’s up to you and many other characters to save the Russian President, so that he can make peace with the U.S. and end this war. The story was okay, but we all know Modern Warfare 3 has rarely been about the story. The excitement brought to the campaign was from the use of new devices. For example the UGV, a miniature tank, is amazing. The ability to use it in campaign kept the game fresh and was definitely an overpowering experience.  But new devices are just the cherry to this sweet pie. One mission had you in an airplane, which was shot down causing the inside to turn zero gravity. I was impressed and thought how incredible something like this was. I would have never thought I’d see something so bizarre but cool in a MW3 game.  Modern Warfare 3’s campaign story may be a little on the weak side, but it’s defiantly a whole lot of new ideas and old mixed really well. Few problems did come up though, the enemy AI at times was ridiculously stupid and at other times frustrating. They would stay in cover and wait till you approached them or they would run frantically at you, while your reloading, hitting you with one hit and killing you. There were also some graphical problems, but nothing too severe. The campaigns ending felt like drag. I wanted more, but instead we are left with a short but yet somewhat satisfying conclusion. Overall, I was impressed with the campaign and had a lot of fun playing through it.

Now, the heart of any Call of Duty game is the multiplayer, and damn MW3’s multiplayer is among the best! The same formula you love is now more improved and refined. This time around it has been balanced to the point of almost perfection. Of course though you will become upset with the multiplayer, but usually those are your off days. This time the multiplayer options have been reintroduced. New perks, kill streaks, weapons, and more really make the multiplayer shine. It even features a new kill streak system, giving you the option to choose from Support, Assault, or Perks Packages. The support is set to kill streaks that will only allow guidance to your team and not get you kill points. The Assault is the same old kill streaks we all love. The perks are the same as assault however it’s just the perks you pick. You kill three enemies you are rewarded a perk and so on. This has really balanced the game play. Another neat feature is the ability to level up your weapons now, allowing you to even choose perks (“Proficiency”) for any individual weapon, making multiplayer ever more competitive and addicting to play. Featuring all new maps, which range from different terrains and sizes, MW3’s multiplayer, is even more fun than before.

Spec Ops is back and is pretty much the same as before. New objectives, different maps, Spec Ops is something good but isn’t great. I find myself however playing, most often, the new Survival Mode instead. I’m happy to say, it’s impressive. Survival Mode is a wave of enemies after wave’s kind of mode, similar to Gears of Wars’, Horde Mode or Black Ops’, Zombies. With each wave the enemy AI gets smarter and more challenging to deal with. This mode is easily going to be my substitution to Black Ops’, Zombies. The action is fast paced and the option to buy guns, air support, and much more makes it ever so more amazing. Survival mode feels as its own game at times and I’m damn proud of it. Sadly, there is one bit of sadness to it. Survival mode, like the Spec Ops missions, can only be played by two players. It’s a shame that such a little thing can have the biggest impact. Because it only supports two players, it’s still great, but at times feels too difficult or/and lonesome. Activison, Sledgehammer, and Infinity Ward, please add the ability to play with four players.

In the end, Modern Warfare 3 is a great game. The single player portion is a top notch adrenaline seeking adventure.  Multiplayer is fantastically fun and features some of the best aspects of any multiplayer game. So armor up and fire up that console or PC because Modern Warfare 3 is here and you will love, almost, every moment of it.


Written by: Joseph Caballero

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