The Evil Within’s Hollywood Voice Talents Revealed

Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks have announced the voice actors for The Evil Within. The game is a survival horror and is being developed under the direction of Shinji Mikami, famous for his work on Resident Evil.  Bethesda’s press release writes that the game, “embodies the meaning of pure survival horror. Highly-crafted

The Legend of Korra Gets A Release Date

Fans of the series will be happy to hear that the Legend of Korra’s video game will be released October 21, 2014 on the Playstation Network and PC while Xbox Marketplace will receive it on October 22nd. The Legend of Korra will be a third-person combat game. Taking place between

PvZ Garden Warfare is Free for 72 Hours

EA announced earlier that players with an Origin account get to play the incredible Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare for free with Origin Game Time. As soon as you download it, you have 72 hours to pit your plants against the horde of zombies in a 24-player multiplayer action. Harness

Square Enix Reveals Life is Strange

Square Enix announced today on their blog about a new game called Life Is Strange. Written by Toby Palm, the game is about time and whether if you could turn back time to change one thing, would the consequences result in a positive manner or would they become catastrophic? Main character

Super Mega Bob Gets Release Date

One-man studio Jenito Games announced recently that Super Mega Bob will be releasing on September 23rd, 2014 for PC. Funded through a Kickstarter back in May 2014, Super Mega Bob is a retro 2D SHMUP (Shoot-um-up). The game promises to present challenges that old school gamers will have fond memories

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Now Live

In case you are a fan of Hearthstone or PC, the free to play TCG from Blizzard has just released a new single player expansion “Curse of Naxxramas”with a client update. Fans of Hearthstone will be treated to new class specific and non-specific cards, new bosses, and more. The new

What is Escape Dead Island?

Later this year, we can expect a new addition to the Dead Island series, Escape Dead Island.  Unlike previous installments in the series, this game is told from a third person perspective with a focus on stealth as opposed to the usual guns, or axes, blazing.  In addition, the story is