Darksiders IP Finds a New Home

Looks like after the bankruptcy of THQ a couple months back, some of the more well know IP’s have been picked up at auction. The biggest name on the list is the Darksiders franchise which holds a special place in my heart as a perfect mix between The Legend of Zelda and God of War. The lucky buyers are nordic games, whom I’ve honestly never played a game by. Yet, I’m still happy to know that it won’t be left in limbo.

Nordic games also bought a few other franchises like Red Faction, which can hopefully get a full make over after Armageddon, MX vs. ATV, Destroy All Humans (a guilty pleasure), and Supreme Commander.

Total cost: 4.9 Million

Gearbox Studio’s, behind both the critcally aclaimed Borderlands franchise and the criticaly panned Aliens: Colonial Marines, picked up the Homefront IP. Which by their track record could either be great, or a complete wreck. I enjoyed the first game for what it was, but if a sequel or reboot can do well…only time can tell.

Total cost: 1.35 Million

The last game that got sold off was the Drawn to Life series. 505 studios picked it up for a measly $300,000.

Written by: Michael Rose

I was 5 when my dad came home with a Sega Saturn, beginning my life of choosing the "wrong" console and loving it. You can catch me on the PSN playing anything from indies to AAAs and everything in between, or watching entirely too much television.