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    Joseph Caballero

    So let us keep this simple. What games are you looking forward to this year, 2013? I have three!!

    Dead Space 3 because I absolutely love the genre and series. The horror makes me jump and the gameplay is perfect for the genre. It’s just an all rounded great game and I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment.

    Second is BioShock Infinite. I was captured into this underwater world back when BioShock came out. It’s a game that deserves a playthrough if you’ve never played it. The art style and storyline is also very interesting and the ending was bone chilling.

    Lastly, Pokemon X and Y. Yes, I’m excited for the next Pokemon game. It now has full 3D graphics, along with the 3DS 3D, it  will bring a new generation of Pokemon, because I really didn’t care for the last, and it’s got real battle movements now! Finally, yes! Hopefully my childhood could be relived…sob…ok I’m good now.

    Anyways, so what games are you looking forward to this year?



    I am looking forward to a bunch of games, but right now, I’ll only be able to afford one, so it will be Gears: Judgment – hopefully money will get a little less tight later this year, so I can pick up some of the fall releases.


    Jared Zimmermann

    I pre-ordered DS 3 theo ther day cause that Tesla gun looks like it’s alot more powerful then the stupid GUn we know doesn’t kill Necromorphs XD  THEN Amazon sends me the code early!  Boom!  Saved 60 bucks!  XD  I’ll get it later now when it’s down to 20 or so I have sooo omany games to play


    Joseph Caballero


    That was a great idea! haha It’s one of my favorite franchises, so I’m okay with paying full now, but if it were any other game, I’ll take your route hahaha Nice job on the quick score!



    I’m most looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto 5. I just hope both are able to continue the quality of their predecessors.



    1. South Park: The Stick of Truth
    What’s cooler than an RPG South Park game?!  Oh yeah f****** nothing!!!
    2. Star Wars: 1313
    Huge Star Wars geek so this was a given.
    3. The Last of Us
    The videos I’ve seen of it just have me pumped to play it!



    Going to add Remember Me to my list – looks like a game I would enjoy.



    not sure when will the game release but i think rawbots it’s cool :D



    Tough to pick just 3 games :)

    Here goes:

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    Crysis 3

    BioShock Infinite



    Mannn, there are so many games that I’m looking forward to this year. How am I supposed to just choose three? =P

    I think I’m most interested in these three:

    Dark Souls 2
    Shadowrun Returns
    Wasteland 2
    Here are some other great games I’m looking forward to:

    Chaos ChroniclesDivinity Original Sin
    Grim Dawn
    Sacred 3
    GTA V
    Dead Island Riptide
    ArmA III
    Metro: Last Light
    I’m a huge RPG fan, if you can’t notice by most of those games. =P



    Tough choice, definitely ..

    Here’s my top:

    Metro: Last Light

    and now with Assassin’s Creed 4 BF .



    Tomb Raider
    Far Cry 3
    Splinter Cell: Black List



    Time for 2014 games
    1. Infamous Second Son
    2. Destiny
    3. Donkey Kong



    Destiny and the new Call Of Duty game.



    i liked fifa, madden, and bs4.

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