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    I tend to play a lot of different games at once, tons of XBLA games – here is what I’ve been playing over the last few weeks:


    Snoopy Flying Ace
    Rock Band Blitz
    Trine 2
    Lode Runner
    Akai Katana
    Monopoly Streets
    Kinect Sports
    Kinect Sports Season 2
    CoD: BO2
    Microsoft Flight
    Full House Poker
    Bejeweled Blitz Live
    A World of Keflings
    The Walking Dead
    Happy Wars

    And I just started playing Prince of Persia

    I promised myself I would get through some of my backlog of games this year…I’m trying.


    Chris Hofer

    I’ve been playing a lot of “Puzzle Arcade” (XBLA)…finally completed a 1,044 piece puzzle last night.  Took me over 17 hours to complete!  Also, I use “Nike+ Kinect Fitness” quite often, and I’ve been playing “Crysis”, too.



    Going back and finishing 1999 mode + no vendor playthrough. Still playing WoW after all these years hah. D3 on console, RE: Revelations on xbox. Just trying to catch up on some backed up games :)



    Finished AC 4 Black Flag the other day now I’m starting up the new Killzone on PS4.



    lot of Nhl 14 lol those grind cheevs


    Jared Zimmermann

    Everyone heard of that KI news how Amazon bought DH? I think I’m going to use that for DC 5 next week.

    I reall hopy that it doesn’t screw Season 2 and hurt music quality. All the music is legendary from Mick Gordon i’d hate it f’ed for season 2



    i have been playing forza on the xbox one because right now it is the only game i have.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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