Is Your Xbox Live or PSN I.D. Secure?

Whether or not you have a PSN ID or an Xbox Live account, the fact of the matter is that your gaming persona and in many cases your wallet is in jeopardy. Over the past few years both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network have come under attack by hackers and while most have been thwarted, it is still a cause for concern. The infographic below really helps to present the importance of having a strong password.

How long would it take hackers to break your password?

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Written by:

  • thewolfkin


  • Gram

    I’ve had experience with being hacked. It sucks.

  • Chris Hofer

    Good info-graphic, and never a bad time to remind people that they should keep their accounts secure!!!

  • Polerand

    Awesome image. Never would have guessed princess and irockyou to be common passwords.

  • Gary Myers

    I don’t store any credit card info on my account so I have very little to actually risk, but interesting article.

  • Dean James

    I was hacked as well in the past. Definitely wasn’t a fun experience and was a very long process. Definitely important to secure your accounts.