Kontrol Freek – FPS Classic & FPS CQC Review

When it comes to gaming accessories, Kontrol Freek is truly one to be heard. Kontrol Freeks can offer a quick and cheap (pricing) gaming peripheral. Kontrol Freeks are essentially very well produced caps for the analog sticks on your controller to help improve all sorts of skills in any platform of gaming. In an effort to help improve your gaming skills, especially in first-person shooters (FPS), I was very delighted with the results. Kontrol Freeks work, and to my surprise extremely well. In this review I will go over two versions of Kontrol Freeks, the FPS CQC and the FPS Classic (Ultra).

FPS CQC: Personally my favorite out of the two, the CQC is noticeably just a small thin cap that snaps on over your analog stick. The plastic is hard but feels extremely light weight. The top rubber felt comfortable and non-slippery. Also noticeable, the CQC doesn’t’ add any extra height as opposed to the classic version. The plus of that is you don’t have to worry about adding more pressure when using your analogs. The CQC is nicely designed and definitely felt perfect on the thumbs.

FPS Classic (Ultra): The Classic version is obviously the most popular for Kontrol Freek. My first thought was that although they were almost identical to the CQC, they were longer in height. My concern for the Ultras was that they would add on an additional inch or so to the height of the sticks, allowing your thumb to hurt a bit. Aside from that, the classic was nicely done in quality as well. The black finish really made it look identical to my controllers analog sticks, giving away any eye sores by allowing it to blend. Overall, my first impression on both Kontrol Freek products was very good.


Kontrol Freek’s designs are fairly straight forward. Both are simple caps that rest on top of the analog stick. The CQC is generally the more capped version in design. The top gray rubber is simple and the surface features a hardly noticeable downward curve. The classic however is a bit more than the CQC. The classic definitely adds height to the stick, and in test it was a bit uncomfortable due to the design. The classic version however is entirely black. The downward curve on the surface also has a bit more deep curved as opposed to the CQC. Both are made of very tough plastic, with a rubber surface. The rubber is of high quality and will last you a long time before shedding. The rubber can also take many scratches, and I mean many, before any true damage would occur, at least in my tests. The raised bumps on the surface of each Kontrol Freek product have added great traction to prevent slipping of the thumb, even when sweaty. The Kontrol Freek’s are held on the analog stick by four tabs. It fits nicely on top and was snug, so it won’t fall off easily. Although fairly simple in design, you will see a tremendous increase in performance.


Simply put, Kontrol Freeks work! In both aspects they improved control, duration, and speed. As the name entitles, the CQC and Classic truly work in First-person shooters, like Call of Duty or Halo. In my time of play, I’ve concluded that the classic helped for a more steady and controlled aim. It was best used on the analog stick that moves your character, in my opinion. It was mainly used as a smooth but slow movability. This of course is because of the additional height requiring more pressure then entitling a slower reaction time. The CQC are my personal favorite. As represented, the CQC really are for a more up and close approach. The lowered height was great for quick movements. Don’t get me wrong though, although it was quick it was also fairly controlled. During game time, the CQC may not have improved my aiming but it sure did help in twisting of the camera. Trying to dash away or get into cover was a lot faster. The classics are the opposite. With a slower reaction time to the CQC, the classics helped in aiming for sure. The steady and slow movements that came with the classic not only helped in shooting but also helped in acquiring a nice flow when aiming your weapon, this allowed for great concentration and easy targeting. Performance was great with both versions that in the end I was using the classic on the left stick and the CQC on the right stick. Of course, you are free to customize and choose which you’d like more on either stick. There is a good range of customization when it comes to using several types of Kontrol Freeks.


Kontrol Freek products are simply awesome! They work wonderfully and are certainly a bargain when it comes to gaming peripherals. They are easy to get use too and easy to use. From recent matches with the biggest known multiplayer games, I’ve easily noticed an improvement in my gaming skills and have found these tiny caps to be well worth your time. So what are you waiting for? They’re cheap, effective, and they come in many styles/colors. Choose to your liking and buy a Kontrol Freek pack or two, today!

This review is based on the FPS Classis and FPS CQC for the Xbox 360 controller provided by Kontrol Freek.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Alphanoon

    Was never able to get used to my FPS Freeks, I’m glad these are awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/Jragon274 James Tran

    I’m still getting use to my FPS Freeks, but I have noticed that my aim is more accurate with them on. :)

  • http://twitter.com/CherryRasulka Ciara

    I have a pair of FPS Freaks but I have no clue as to where they are anymore….need to find those for when Black Ops 2 arrives!

  • http://twitter.com/Darklurkr23 Jared Z

    I tried these…. wasn\’t that hot on it. Good for sniping but normal play just change the sensitivity :D

  • http://twitter.com/kikyouwuv Gaby. R

    Idea seems interesting but I don’t think they will help me out much. Nice article guys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/XxUNEEKxX Luis Izaguirre

    i like them both, i actually noticed i do get more hit markers then without them. plus it feels really weird when you play without them

  • Sarah Grace

    I do lots of gaming and very curious as to how these would perform for me. Nothing competitive, just having fun. One day I’ll have to give them a go, I don’t know anyone who uses them personally. Excellent honest review from Nerd4Sure.

  • Edward Castillo

    I’ve heard mixed things about this add on from many gamers. On one hand gamers swear they did better, on the other they said it made them worst. Overall I think I’d rather stick with just the controller at default. This product may be just placebo.