League of Legends Enters the Mobile Space with Champion Select, by AltEgo

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I’ve never been one to boast of my accomplishments outside a game, but when presented the opportunity to beta AltEgo’s League of Legends Champion Select app I decided to make the exception.

Champion Select by AltEgo was created with the purpose to extend a player’s in-game victory into the realm of social media. Customizable victory posters are available for Facebook or Twitter, and are accessible through Android or the web. These posters may include a user’s stats from recent victories, teams involved and character skins.

Although still in beta, the Champion Select web app was surprising user friendly, with a clear-cut layout offering a vast array of options. Signing up was incredibly easy, a nice refresher from most betas that require every spec of my hardware, software and first born child. Once inputting my e-mail, I was greeted with four simple instructions on how to operate the app, with the promise of more to come. Buttons leading to the poster creation and other various options were self-explanatory, although there was a help section outlining what each icon meant. Button options include the classically familiar home button, poster creation button for sharing recent victories, a purchase history button to view in-game purchases, and champions button for previewing all available champions and skins. As JP from Electronic Arts says, “UI is simple to navigate and straight forward for someone just picking up the app for the first time”

Each poster illustrates the specs from your recent victories. The posters illustrate your character, team members and your opponents. With the ease of a few simple clicks, any individual has the ability to boast their achievements. Each poster has several design options to choose from, and more are expected to come. Seth Gerson, CEO of AltEgo promises, “We’re designing all kinds of custom posters, we’ve got lots more coming soon.” Personally, I feel there’s enough offered already to keep my attention locked.

As a gamer, I can appreciate the ingenuity of sharing my gaming experiences through social media without the hassle of screen capping. I obviously am not alone in this thought, as Travis Gafford, Host and Owner of State of the League was recently quoted, “I like Champion Select because it’s a fun application that saves you the hassle of screen-shotting your game recap screen by creating an awesome looking poster with your score to share with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.”

While I’m still looking forward to the day while I own my own Android, in the hopefully there will be a version coming out for the iPhone. Overall, I found this app to partner surprisingly well with League of Legends, adding dimension that enhanced the user experience.

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  • http://twitter.com/Darklurkr23 Jared Z

    I thought this game required TONS of processing poewr to keep up with all the crap on screen. Also, how the hell would you play with like 100 items w/ a touch screen? Doesnt’ seem quick enough for me XD