Mario Kart 7 Review

Mario Kart 7 is another must own game for the 3DS handheld device. It provides great graphics, smooth controls, popping 3D effects, kart customization, a great soundtrack and so much more. Overall the series has had its ups and downs; this has definitely proven to be an “up”. The tracks are diverse and the new features are neat but not revolutionary. With some nostalgia, Mario Kart 7 feels like previous games with minimal additions. Overall Mario Kart 7 is a great game, with great features and an even better online community.

Mario Kart is about racing, and yes the racing delivers. Mario Kart 7 is a game for all ages, and it really shows. With 15 all new courses and 15 re-mastered courses from previous consoles, Mario Kart 7 has a lot to offer to racers. From underwater racing to Bowser’s Lava Castle, there is a vast difference in each map. There are 3 difficulty settings, Easy (50cc), Medium (100cc), and Hard (150cc). Easy and Medium are what they are, but Hard is actually hard. The AI is intelligent and even go as far as to taking away the mystery blocks, making it difficult to get one. They forcefully target you and at times it feels like you against the world, but I loved this! I have never played a Mario Kart game that was actually difficult. This made it challenging and kept the game alive, as oppose to racing and always winning. There is also a nice Mirror Mode, which flips every map backwards giving it a different feel.

Mario Kart 7 features a lot like new customization options for your wheels and gliders. There are new karts and new characters too. However, the character list is a little smaller than the Wii version, which is a bit of a disappointment. The option to change your wheels and gliders is cool. Especially since they have an overall effect on how your kart will run. There is a good amount of different karts and wheels; luckily they all range from sizes and colors giving a different ability to each set of wheels. Mario Kart 7 even features more than just racing. Balloon Battle is back and feels better than ever. You ride around attacking your enemies trying to pop their balloons. Time Trails is for more advanced players, who like to compete with friends and timing how long they can complete a particular map. Coin Runners is new but the mode is simple; grab and collect as many coins as you can. The person with the most wins.

The 3DS’s graphics are starting to shine. They even rival those to Wii; I may even go as far to saying they look a little better than the Wii’s Mario Kart graphics. The lighting effects are nice, the water is pretty, the character designs are round and smooth. Few pixels are noticeable, but nothing too drastic. It’s nice but not memorizing. The graphics are definitely improving on this console and im proud of Nintendo for stepping it up. The glide effect is pretty neat too, especially the air dynamics that felt great. Mario Kart is about speed and luckily the environment fits it. There’s nothing distracting and there’s nothing that gets in your way, at least not on purpose. 3D effects in Mario Kart 7 are great. They are not like Super Mario 3D Land, which is a good thing because they don’t feel like they are a distraction when racing. It’s nice to see a good 3D game, the karts pop out and the environment plays into effect as well. Ghost flying towards you and rain falling down, but don’t worry, there is never anything that distracts you from playing well.

Online is great. You can play with anyone across the world on every map and game mode. It’s disappointing to see Nintendo not include an in-game chat option; I’ve always felt that Mario Kart would be better with it. A new feature in the online options is communities. With communities creating their own game options and choosing maps, it’s easy to play with friends or anyone you may not know. Online is great, but not extraordinary. I think most of my time was spent online, because I found it more interesting and different in every race.

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is a great game. The new features are nice and the added 3D affect is unique. I would have liked to see more options in online however, and I’d really also like to see Nintendo step it up again and provide down loadable maps, even at a cost. With 7 games, Mario Kart 7 is truly among the best and will provide hours of fun to anyone of any age. Whether you play with friends, AI, or random people online you’ll have a great time. Mario Kart 7 is a great and wonderful game that will provide hours of joy and fun. It’s not meant to be taken serious or real, and that’s what makes it great.


Written by: Joseph Caballero

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