Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

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Developer(s): Platinum Games
Publisher(s): Konami
Release Date: February 18th, 2013
Platform(s): Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
Price: $59.99
Rating: M for Mature[/show_hide]

Move over Snake, there’s a new badass in town and Raiden is his name. The latest entry in the Metal Gear franchise is officially out now and after a long and questionable development many have watched Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance advance through various development stages. The overall final product however, is a highly enjoyable action packed adventure unlike any other. Taking elements of past Metal Gear games and throwing in an assortment of action oriented fundamentals, truly makes MGR: Revengeance over the top and a must own for any Metal Gear fan or fan of the hack and slash genre.

Set four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance conveys an all new setting where cyborg technology is communal. Raiden is the central character this time around working for a Private Military Company (PMC), known as Maverick Enterprises. The half-man, half-cyborg ninja armed with a high frequency katana and driven by revenge premise, makes Raiden a formidable and entertaining character.

Throughout Raidens encounters with the members of his rival PMC, Desperado Enterprises, he finds himself taking on all sorts of enemies. Raiden’s true motivation is his philosophy to protect the “weak”. He is however conflicted with his actions as he brutally murders members of the Desperado Enterprises conflicting with his motto of protecting the weak. Raiden starts questioning himself and his role as a “hero”. This inevitably this leads to Raiden turning into his “Jack the Ripper” persona, where in contrast to his previous persona, all hell breaks loose. The story in MGR: Revengeance isn’t as complex as Guns of the Patriots, but it still provides some interests behind the character Raiden. With the game taking me around 7 hours to complete, which is moderately short, I still found myself extremely pleased when playing. I evidently look forward to future DLC, regardless of the games “short” comings.

MGR_120920_zangeki mode

The stealth aspect, like previous MGS games, is there but feels more like a reminiscent on past titles. It’s at a minimal simply because the game pushes for a more hardcore hack and slash motive. This is good for those transitioning to the new feeling and combat in this Metal Gear game. There are several items to equip yourself in MGR: Revengeance. Sub-weapons like grenades, rocket launchers, smoke grenades, etc. are all accessible in the game and available to utilize in combat. Secondary weapons are also available upon defeating a boss. Bosses are prominent in MGR: Revengeance and range from extremely difficult, even on normal, to pleasantly easy. Each boss varies in combat and style which does allow you to utilize the different types of weapons in your arsenal along with combo attack.

MGR: Revengeance is absolutely stunning. The game runs flawlessly at 60fps, and the destructible environment is a high note for the game. Slicing the enemy has never so looked so good, in which limbs are cut easily, like butter, into as many pieces as you want. The environment and character models are exceedingly detailed and shadowing and lighting is top notch. Cutscenes are relatively short when compared to those from Guns of the Patriots. The game however does suffer on certain visual levels. When slicing a door down to advance through the mission, you may find yourself stump by the leftover door pieces on the floor preventing you from moving on. Unfortunately, these pieces can be moved which in most cases causes you to get even more stuck. A fix is provided, given that you’ll have to wait awhile for the pieces to vanish. This complaint may seem minimal, and in reality it is, but it’s actually a process that happens frequently throughout the game.


MGR: Revengeance’s score is cohesive to the overall game. The fast paced and heavy rock brings energy and enlightenment to the action and gameplay. It mixes nicely well with the feel and tone of the game, that you’ll then see the reflections of what could easily be a hardcore anime. Voice work is superior and everything that makes Metal Gear great is still prominent in the voiceovers.

Controls are simple, as with most hack and slash games. Two buttons control attacks, one light and the other heavy. What separates MGR: Revengeance from other titles is the addition of the blade mode which slows down time and allows you to either vertically or horizontally cut down the enemy in front of you. Ninja run is also a nice feature that allows you to run along with climbing, dashing, and attacking at quick speeds. Although the game is a hack and slash, it differentiates itself as where just button mashing will get you killed. Figuring out combos and utilizing your other weapons will ultimately get you through the game with much ease then without. This isn’t just hack and slash but a game that will require parrying, tactics, and maneuvers to defeat your foes.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance does something entirely different in the Metal Gear franchise, and succeeds were many games have not. MGR: Revengeance is hard to put down even though the game does feature some inadequacies. The gameplay, musical score, and visuals all work cohesively together to fulfill any adrenaline urgency. MGR: Revengeance isn’t a Solid Snake adventure, but it still shines without the franchises main protagonist. Raiden is fully capable of his own game and will surprise those who thought otherwise. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is here and although it’s a dissimilar Metal Gear game, it deserves as much of a playthrough as any other Metal Gear title.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • kelvin clement

    Good review glad to see this game won’t let me down when I purchase it