NBA 2K13 Review

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Developer(s): Visuals Concepts
Publisher(s): 2K Sports
Release Date: October 2nd, 2012
Platform(s): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, PC
Price: $49.99
Rating: T for Teen[/show_hide]

2K Sports has out done themselves once again, with yet another fantastic addition to the world of sports games. With NBA 2K13, they have set the bar even higher yet again. NBA 2K13 is not just a typical rehash for a new year, it’s definitely got a lot going for itself all with the official stamp of executive producer Jay-Z.

NBA 2K13 manages to bring crazy new innovations to an already good game. With new additions of Jay-Z managing the music aspect to even allow you to play with the full 1992 Dream Team, NBA 2K13 offers something new to both newcomers to the franchise and those who’ve been getting bored of the previous installment.

My Player is back and does everything it used to with some new additions. 2k13 drops you into the shoes of your own player, and lets you live out his NBA carrier. You do everything from draft game to end of season, setting the pace and level of your player. It even goes as far as to allow you to complete interviews, and give feedback to the coaches at key points of the carrier. It is as if you live through the rise and fall of becoming a professional NBA player and live out your dream of playing for the Heat, or the Bulls.


The characters animation is simply gorgeous. At a distance you may even think you’re watching a game. The play-by-play commentary is always on time and accurately captures the action going on in the game. 2K13 brings realism to a whole new level giving you the full NBA experience.

The new and greatest addition to NBA 2K13 has to do with the dribble stick, which is now on the right stick. Shooting now requires you to pull the left trigger in addition to choosing your shot with the right stick. This new scheme took me about 10 minutes to finally get used to and manages to be a far more superior control aspect instead of doing all your commands with just the left stick.

With the new crazy additions, NBA 2K13 plays a whole lot better than it used to. The new controls make for a more engaging experience allowing you to do a wide variety of trick shots, and maneuvers you would see in a real game.


Though 2K13 is a great game in all, it does come with its faults. Some of the biggest problems is the lack of training. Starting out the game sets your pace for the rest of the season, yet there is no training portion to the game, is as if we are expected to know the controls right off the bat; okay for a returning veteran, difficult for someone new to the series. Some of the new tricks and functions can be a bit difficult to get the hang of, let alone actually use in a game, or better still in an online match.

NBA 2K13, is a revelation for the 2K Sports series, but is meant for the diehard sports fans, the players who have been following basketball or at least the NBA 2K series, not bored casual gamers, or youngsters looking for a fun game to play. But at the least, give it a shot it may surprise you.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • ilRadd

    It’s been a while since I played a Basketball video game (Probably NBA Live 99 on PC).
    Looks pretty good to me.

  • liljrSanchez

    Last time I have played NBA Basketball was 2004

  • Jared Z

    “Real” basketball games just don’t do it for me. I’ve always been a fan of NBA JAM.
    In fact, I want “REAL BLUUD BASKETBALL” LIke NFL Blitz in Basketball made by Midway. Tha would be great!

  • K.Y. Parsons

    I’ve played this game with my cousin (it was his unfortunately) and I whooped him lol. It’s smoother than 2K12 but it takes some getting used to because you can no longer just dunk all over people. You actually have to maneuver around the defense to get the bucket which makes it more real and more enjoyable.