Nerd4Sure Giveaway: Zombie Driver HD

Here we are again! I’ve been extremely busy these past few months, so busy that I’d like to start things off quickly by saying I”m looking for additional staff members. If you would like to join the Nerd4Sure crew feel free to email me a sample writing, and some facts about yourself. Right now I’m looking for members who would be able to post on the site, as you can tell it’s hard to keep up with all these great news! Again if your interested just email me at [email protected] Okay on to the giveaway! We’re giving away two copies of Zombie Driver HD along with additional Avatar Items.You can check out our full review below. Regardless, just follow the rafflecopter below on how to enter, and you’re all set.  As always, thanks again for visiting the site and I look forward to seeing more of you! Best of luck!

Check out our review for Zombie Driver HD

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest will begin today 2/2/2013 and end on 2/16/2013, before 12:00pm PST. Any attempt to fraud an entry will result in immediate disqualification from the giveaway, and potentially future giveaways. No CHEATING!

Rules/Agreement: Contest is open Internationally! Anyone who attempts to duplicate entries that are not implemented to the steps above will be disqualified. Good luck!

Written by: Joseph Caballero

I've been a gamer all my life and nerd4sure is my offspring =) Yea ok that's weird...anyways post as you'd like. The site is now open to anyone who registers, which is free!

  • Mikey

    I’m playing shooters like Black Ops 2 and Halo, but switching it around!

  • liljrSanchez

    I have recently been playing FIFA 12 and lots of Resident Evil 6 (catching up with the new DLC)

  • Jared Z

    Well I’ve been playing around with those free xbox live games on the site itself like Wordament and locally just some SSF4 and MK9 with college buddies :D Would love to win this :D

    o yea who ever won Zone of the Enders!

  • Luis Izaguirre

    Ive been playing a lot of Black Ops 2 but now ive been catching up on Borderlands 2

  • michael

    been playing all the DLC for borderlands 2

  • Mr Nerve Damage

    I have been playing LEGO games, Far Cry 3 and BF3, but Battlefield is my main game

  • Michael Rose

    I just beat far cry 3. Will probably be playing vanquished this week and sleeping dogs next week.

  • gman

    The Cave!

  • David Brown

    I’m looking forward to playing Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • Subject ✪ Zero

    ATM, I’m playing Disney Pixar BRAVE and Golden Eye 007 Reloaded.

  • Daniel

    I’m finishing up Jake/Sherry and Ada’s campaigns in RE6.

  • ilRadd

    What I’ve been playing the last few week: The Walking Dead – up to Episode 4, Snoopy Flying Ace, Rock Band Blitz, Akai Katana, BO2, Monopoly Streets…I’m sure I missed something


    I play a lot of CoD Black Ops 2 this week. The new Revolution DLC is awesome.

  • Gaby. R

    Waiting to play Infamous 1. Just got done with Bioshock 1. As you can see I have been going through some classics.

  • aSMiLoN

    I’ve started The Walking Dead Season 1 and I’m LOVING the way the story progresses! Great game, well deserved all the GOTY awards!

  • zero110100

    I’m playing Crush(PSP) on Vita and I just downloaded Planetside 2.Also plan to go back and play Tribes Ascend at some point.So many games so little time.

  • Brieanna Moore

    I’m currently playing Fable 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3

  • Seth Brooks

    Currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, but come Tuesday i’ll be playing Dead Space 3.

  • jordan

    black ops 2, battlefield 3, ssx

  • Jesse M

    Black Ops 2

  • tresyn

    AC3, Dead Space 1 & 2, Thanks!

  • Dalton Beitz

    black ops 2.

  • Adrian Mitchell

    call of duty 4

  • Nick

    Halo 4 & Black Ops 2

  • Nathan Marshall

    Playing Deathsmiles Mostly at the moment :)

  • TheodoreRobertCowell

    GTA IV (The Ballad Episode), Gears Of War 1 & 2 (Insane Mode)

  • Shanmukha Madras

    got 3 entries so far!

  • Certifiedninja1

    Hope to win something. Thanks.

  • BadderNinja

    Borderlands 2 and Shank 2

  • Josh

    Borderlands 2, great game!

  • Cody

    Just finished out the Mass Effect Trilogy.

  • Dagh

    Halo 4, lets do this Chief!

  • Celso F

    Halo 4

  • Scott

    Halo 4

  • Marc-Antoine Proulx

    Just started Fallout 3

  • Eric

    Darksiders I And Darksiders II

  • Dieidiotscum

    Been plaing BLack Ops 2, about to play Dead Space 3 tomorrow!

  • Boom Panlaqui

    fingers crossed… Dead Space 3!

  • Gram

    I’ve been playing Borderlands 2.

  • Tomas Ortiz

    I am playing Dead Space 3.

  • Justin Travers

    Fallout 3

  • Andrew

    Not as much as I’d like. Some Pinball FX2, some Snoopy Flying Ace.

  • Juan Smith

    Borderlands 2, Pinball FX2, Rock Band 3/Blitz

  • EarthBoundX5

    awesome! entered!

  • Dishinshoryuken

    Greetings! Cool contest ya got going on here. Hope whomever wins enjoys the game and Avatar gear.

  • Virgil

    Yay! Zombie roadkill

  • Leon Durham

    I’m still playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and almost have the platinum trophy.

  • Antarael Dulacre

    Playing Fable III since it wass till in my backlog =)

  • vdh360

    let me see.. RE 6, SSX, Joe Danger 2, Happy Wars and Patapon 2.

  • Raheel Khurshid

    fifa 13 and black ops 2

  • Chris Hofer

    I have been playing a lot of “Puzzle Arcade” (XBLA), “Nike+ Kinect Training”, and “Crysis”. Thanks for a chance to win! (Twitter: @PriusGuy2004)

  • Mana

    been playin croixleur

  • mytam

    I like guild wars 2!

  • Guest

    Zombie Driver ftw!

  • Insight Fz

    TDU2, GTAIV.

  • Derrick Engle

    Still playing COD Black Ops 2

  • Gus

    Playing oLo

  • Geri

    Playing Skyrim right now.

  • Ray J

    Dust AET, and Halo 4

  • rann


  • Emrah D.

    Playing Sleeping Dogs right now

  • SevenD

    Yakuza 3 and Minecrasft