Nerd4Sure’s Christmas Giveaway: Zone of Enders: HD Collection

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I want to begin this giveaway by yet again thanking all of you who have been with us here at Nerd4Sure for the past year. As we enter into the new year, especially February, I can not describe the amount of joy the staff and I have received from all of you. So for this holiday giveaway, we’ll be giving away some special giveaway items. I’ll be giving away two copies of Zone of Enders HD Collection, courtesy of Konami. One PlayStation 3 version and the other an Xbox 360 version. I’m also proud to say that in about two months, Nerd4Sure will be turning 1 year old!!! Yes, we’ve been around for a year now and have been rising in views and interaction since we first launched. So I look forward to seeing everyone as we strive to be more than just a website, but a community where you can be a gamer. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

Check out our review for Zone of Enders: HD Collection

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Contest will begin today 12/24/2012 and end on 1/5/2012, before 12:00pm PST. Any attempt to fraud an entry will result in immediate disqualification from the giveaway, and potentially future giveaways. No CHEATING!

Rules/Agreement: Contest is open to North Americans Only! Sorry, International!!! Anyone who attempts to duplicate entries that are not implemented to the steps above will be disqualified. Good luck!

Written by: Joseph Caballero

I've been a gamer all my life and nerd4sure is my offspring =) Yea ok that's weird...anyways post as you'd like. The site is now open to anyone who registers, which is free!

  • Kevin

    Great contest!

    • Kevin

      Forgot to mention, would like to win for PS3 version!

  • shadownetone

    enter me twitter @shadownetsam

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

    • Andrew

      I can use either version, but I\’d prefer Xbox 360.

  • Brenton Kallis-Whitney

    I\’ve been following for a few months now. I enjoy your reviews as they aren\’t as biased as some other sites.
    I\’d like the PS3 version please.

  • Steven Karpeal

    Been following for a few months now. I dont even bother going to the big game websites anymore. I just keep an eye on my twitter feed and read what looks interesting. In for the PS3 version

  • Juanito Sanchez™

    I have been following for several months, great content! Keep up the great work!

    Xbox 360

  • Alan Tong

    I\’ve been following Nerd4Sure for several months now. I think I found you guys from a friend\’s tweet. I look forward to more awesome reviews of PC games and giveaways! Thanks!! I would love to win the XBOX 360 version.

  • Domenic Paolo

    I don\’t really know how long I\’ve been with you guys. I\’ve been checking the site regularly since September, but I was a follower on Twitter long before. You guys do some good work, especially things that draw from the audience, so keep up your hard effort.
    I would like a copy on Xbox 360!

  • zero110100

    I like it a lot cleaner and open than before. 360 vesrion.

  • Fitzed

    I\’ve been following for about 10 months! This is a great website! Thanks for the opportunity!
    xbox 360

  • Jared Z

    Well I\’m GUESSING I\’ve been here since around 10\’, but I really cna\’ be sure :( Still love

    The only thing I\’d like is a cleaner drop down bar instead of just background color and text. Maybe some \”what article is is\” over the cube stories on the right. But other then that at least it\’s fast! :D

    PS3 for Zone, and Merry X-mas everyone :D

  • Jason Mackowiak

    Video reviews. I love me some more video reviews!

  • XboxLive Anatidae

    Been following your webpage for months now. What I like most is the faster loading pages than other sites, which makes me come back, again & again for visits and to enter contests/giveaways. Thanks for a chance to win, I\’m most interested in 360 version.

  • beerrun77

    Don\’t remember how long I\’ve been around now. Like the cleaner look of the site.

  • genxsis83

    360 please.
    First came here for the giveaways ^^
    Maybe a little bit stronger theme to the website?
    And clearer winners would be cool ^^

  • Rondah

    I\’m a newcomer, I came here for game reviews. I\’d like PS3

  • Caitlin

    I really like the reviews on the site, and I\’d love to see maybe some Top Lists for gaming relating things. The 360 version would be great!

  • ilRadd

    Not sure how long I have been visiting the site, but it has been a while.
    I like the clean format of the site, it is pretty easy to find what you are looking for.
    Xbox 360 version if I win!
    Thanks & Happy Christmas!
    Twitter: @ilRadd:disqus

  •!/Mysticfail JD

    Year and half maybe….Prefer xbox 360 but PS3 is good too.

  • Ciara

    Hmmm, I\’ve been around since the beginning of the year I believe. I like how the site isn\’t overwhelming with so many ads. The one thing that does drive me crazy is how the one ad does start playing on its own. It freaks me out when I hear noises coming from my headset lol! Merry Christmas!
    XBox 360 for me!
    Twitter: @CherryRasulka

  • James

    I haven\’t been here too long, but I really like the reviews!


  • Dustin

    probably around 6 months but If you had to change something then make a drop down for reviews I guess? I like the site though

    xbox 360

  • Nicole Bouchard

    Following for a little less than a year (but my memory is going so cant be sure) The reviews are great I would <3 this game on Xbox 360 Thanks for the chance <3 <3 <3

  • Leon Durham

    I\’ve been coming here since near the beginning.
    I\’m looking forward to more contests, of course ;)
    Either game would be great but I prefer PS3

  • Austin Baroudi

    About a year or so now I believed and I think you should keep the website the way it is. If it ain\’t broke, don\’t fix it.
    PS3 please and thank you!

  • volcombrandon

    i\’ve been with nerd4sure for awhile now and i always love how you guys do great giveaways and have great content on the site all the time! keep it up :)

  • Jakob Main

    Thank you for the give away!
    xbox 360 please

  • Aaran Pate

    Keep up the good work! I remember getting the original because I was excited about the MGS2 demo. I honestly think I ended up playing that more than ZotE! :)

    Xbox ZoE please! Thanks again for the contest!

  • Don Walton Jr

    Just checking out the site… great promo….!

  • Chris D.

    Congratulations on the upcoming 1 year anniversary!!

  • Chris D.

    Zone of the Enders on PS3 would be awesome!

  • Earl Crabtree

    This has been a pretty great site this year. Honest reviews and great giveaways. Hope the next year is even better for the site.

    Xbox 360 preferred, Thanks

  • ChaddMaia

    Great giveaway and congrats on 1 yr

  • swipeshot

    been here about a year now. i\’m here for the reviews but these contests are a nice bonus.

    i\’d like to see a logo redesign in your (near) future. lol

    Xbox360 please :)

  • James Howard

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary. It\’s not easy maintaining a site on games when there is so much saturation for game driven websites. Thanks for the contest. PS3 preferred if won.

  • Kikyou1

    Hey guys thanks for the contest. I would realy love the chance to win the game on the PS3.
    Following on twitter with @kikyouwuv also twitted about the giveaway.
    Liked the facebook page with Gaby Kikyouwuv.
    Subscribed on youtube with Kikyou1.
    Commented here.

  • archangelreb

    About a year or so I think. I\’s love this for the PS3

  • Ken

    This is really cool, thanks for offering a chance to win a copy!

    If I am selected randomly, 360 would be my console of choice, thanks!

  • John Bacovcin

    I like the way the site runs,the giveaways,and the articles you post on the site.
    PS3 for Zone btw.

  • Edgar

    Nice to see another giveaway here. Also glad to see you\’re giving away Zone of the Enders collection. I actually had the 2nd Runner but had to sell it away (along with other games) for financial reasons.

    Hope to get another chance to play it.

  • HarkenSlash

    Great Contest! I\’d love to win the PS3 version!

  • Kolby Burgard

    Nice site, just joined haha. Games reviewed are relevant to my interests, and an informative Youtube channel.

    ZOE X360

  • Chris Lane

    never played it but heard goood things

  • mixmastar0b

    Probably been on this site and following on twitter for a year or two not sure but great site not sure what more you guys can do to make it better since its already good… thanks for the chance xbox 360 would be nice..

  • Kaulossus

    Enjoying the videos up on your youtube i\’m also new here. ZoE for Ps3 please, thanks for the contest.

  • Albert

    just got here and the website looks great! i\’ll look around

  • Sam

    Congratz on the 1yr & thanks for the contest

  • Will T.

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary! Looking forward to many, many more! I\’d loe the xbox360 version

  • JC

    Here\’s to many more years to come! Congrats on the anniversary, and thank you for this chance! PS3 version for me please! Happy Holidays!

  • Psy

    Thanks for the awesome contest.

  • Kevin Jarvis

    I joined recently and look forward to seeing more reviews for gaming gear. I\’d love to win ZoE for the PS3.

  • Camara Wilson

    awesome contest …ps3 zones

  • Brian Lepak

    I\’ve been a member for a looooong time but I don\’t know exactly when I started visiting the site (my memory is bad)

    Xbox 360 version please!

  • George Kot

    Sweet! I entered!

  • chris

    thanks for this cool contest

  • TJ

    I think the logo needs some work to make it spiffier, but other than that I\’ve loved the site for months now.
    360 please.

  • ChaoticOrder75

    Thanks for the chance, 360 for me!

  • Rob Hestar

    I\’ve been with you guys since the aliens invented the technology to make website and use internet..I love that you guys give great reviews and aren\’t afraid to say if a game is really bad..Alot of sites fear giving a game a bad review,you guys don\’t!

  • Lo Chey


  • Nick Curcio

    I\’ve been around for awhile! Xbox 360

  • Rock onslaught

    Either one would be great!

  • mowmow

    i know its been at least a year or more, i can’t really remember when i first followed you on twitter


    Ive been around for about two years or so… Xbox 360 version please!

  • Michelle Rogers

    I’ve been around since some time in July of this year. XBox 360

  • Jared Z

    Get the thing to pick a winner already! :D

  • yepi

    I want a new XBOX 360 version.