Nerd4Sure’s Giveaway Week #22: The Walking Dead Game Season Pass (Steam)

Weekly Giveaways are still awesome right! Let’s celebrate for all you AWESOME viewers and fans who have supported from the start or just a few seconds ago. Hope you all stick around and keep checking out the site and will gladly hold more weekly giveaways. Remember for more giveaways, a visit everyday will make it happen. Thanks again for the 10K views this month, really proud and thankful! Well, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: Steam Season Pass is for Episodes 1-5 of the Walking Dead Game.

Review for Walking Dead Game: Episode 1

Review for Walking Dead Game: Episode 2

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Written by: Joseph Caballero

I've been a gamer all my life and nerd4sure is my offspring =) Yea ok that's weird...anyways post as you'd like. The site is now open to anyone who registers, which is free!

  • zero110100

    I’m looking forward to GTA V.I really liked San Andreas,so I really like to play more of it.

  • psydex

    I’m looking forward for Borderlands 2

    • psydex

      Also Half-Life 2 Episode Three of course =)

  • mytam

    I’m looking forward to Torchlight 2. Since Diablo 3 make me feel so disappointed, I hope that Torchlight 2 can bring me back the real ‘Diablo’ spirit

  • web

    I’m looking forward to bioshock infinite, irrational never dissapoints

  • Antarael Dulacre

    Assassin’s Creed III (Pre-ordered already!) because the series is awesome! =D

  • KyleA.

    Looking forward to Borderlands 2. Going to be so much fun looting and killing baddies with friends.

  • Kevin Doan

    Looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 3. Looks great.

  • danielfan

    Torchlight 2. I love Torchlight 1 so much and Diablo3 sucks.

  • Kolma

    Trine 2… On Wii U
    Loved the first game, been really hard to not buy on Steam.
    Must continue waiting.

  • James G. (kUDA)

    Dead Space 3 I am looking forward to playing :3

  • Daniel

    I cannot wait for Bioshock: Infinite it looks fantastic.

  • Andrew

    Bioshock Infinite, because it looks great, the setting is interesting, and the other Bioshock games have been great (even though it’s unclear how this one is connected.)

  • Helloboo

    Assassin’s Creed 3. Big fan of 1 & 2

  • Leon

    I am most looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 5 because GTA4 is my favorite game this generation.

  • jng789

    Assassin’s Creed III. I’m looking forward to more of the rich story and how the Assassins win (or not?) against the Templars.

  • thewolfkin

    looking forward to Epic Mickey and The World Ends With You 2

  • incphi

    The South Park RPG. I’m a huge fan and this looks to be the first game worthy of the license.

    btw, entry tweet too long, so deleted period…

  • DC

    Bioshock Infinite. Once again in a sexy atmosphere and very interesting art style. Even if it’s not as good as the first Bioshock, it’s going to still be a great game.

  • oasis789

    sleeping dogs. love the action movie style

  • Alan T.

    Crysis 3. I love the gameplay as well as the well designed storylines of the first 2. Thanks!

  • Marc-Antoine Proulx

    Assassin’s Creed III.
    It looks so beautiful !

  • Victor Alecu

    thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  • frozenn

    assassins creed 3

    and thanks


    I’m really looking foward to Retro City Rampage.

  • Kinzie Westberg

    thanks, crossing my fingers!

  • Juanito Sanchez™

    Halo 4!

  • archangelreb

    Bioshock Infinite because I like what they’ve shown for the gameplay.

  • phoenix

    Hitman Absolution

  • itabu

    Hitman Absolution and AC3

  • Greg JohnnyHammersticks Sanfor

    AC3 for sure. BUT I think I’m more excited for the furthering of the kickstarter Occulus so I can experience everything in literal virtual reality.

  • B:L

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 because the fight is all.

  • Bierno

    Guild Wars 2 because it doesnt have monthly fee !!!

  • rick

    I’m looking forward for Borderlands 2, indeed. B1 was fun.

  • Jarvis Underbelly

    I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the PC version of Dark Souls. So glad Namco is giving a PC version a chance and I intend to support it, although I may not be able to right at launch. Definitely on my list, though. I just hope it’s not bogged down by any technical issues.

  • Peter Samyn

    I can’t wait for the last of us.

  • Black Kow

    Sleeping Dogs

  • Flak

    Looking forward to Dishonored the most right now.

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    I’m looking forward to Dark Souls on PC because I don’t have a console to play it on, and it looks fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Gabriel L.

    tekken tag 2 because im a huge fan of the series

  • GameDemonKing

    I am looking forward to Transformers Fall of Cybertron

  • Adrian Mitchell

    I am looking forward to Black Ops 2 because am a cod fan boy ^_^

  • Rusty

    I’m looking forward to battlefield 4 because it’s the best team fps on console today =)

  • xtersea

    GUILDWARS2 was a Big guildwars fan

  • swipeshot

    Medal of Honor Warfighter!

  • Olengie

    Looking forward to P4: Arena! And Last of Us. :]

  • Trucidar

    Halo 4

  • nasty nate

    any and all minecraft updates!

  • Dustin

    Dishonored because it’s a new IP.

  • Jia Min Liang

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

  • Aerc

    Halo 4. I’m a huge sci-fi. I love playing multiplayer for hours with friends.

  • lilaznc

    Borderlands 2

  • Chris Davis

    thanks for the opportunity! looking forward to Borderlands 2, love co-op with buddies.

  • Gram

    Borderlands 2.

  • Billy Wilks

    Borderlands 2 because I loved the first one.

  • Deven Rana

    I am really looking forward to playing Resident Evil 6 because it looks absolutely amazing and I love zombie games :).

  • Christopher Zabrouski

    I can’t wait for borderlands 2, I’m gonna buy 2 copies!

  • cj

    I’m hoping the rumors about Stalker 2 gets being back in production are true

    • cj

      getting^^ :D

    • Alex

      STALKER 2? I guess I need to finish the first series.

  • Trevor

    Borderlands 2, easily. =D

  • Hiroshou

    Halo 4

  • EDKEdwin

    GTA 5 definitely. It will redefine the sandbox game genre.

  • eugaet

    ACIII. An assassin during the Revolutionary War? Yes, please!

  • TomaszewskiArek

    Jet Set Radio HD

  • Farooq

    I wish I could win

  • Michael Garrett

    Halo 4

  • caleb

    Thanks for a great giveaway

  • josh

    watch dogs

  • wuvein

    Borderlands 2. Great co op gun action.

  • j fo ex

    Dishonored because it’s developed by Arkane Studios.

  • TeRroR

    borderlands 2 … loved borderlands 1 so yeah this game should be good too :D

  • Tezuz

    Borderlands 2! claptrap FTW!!!!

  • Colt

    borderlands 2…after 100’s of hrs still playing borderlands 1 : )