New Killzone Mercenary Details

Killzone Mercenary has been designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita, powered by the Killzone engine. Taking place just after the original Killzone from the PlayStation 2, Mercenary puts you in charge of a mercenary named Arran Danner. Danner is a former UCA-soldier who is ready to take on paid work from both the ISA and Helghast. Upon a standard routine paid mission, Danner is pressed into a situation where the outcome of the war depends on the ambassador’s son. A conflict within Danner is brewing for what is right and wrong.

Killzone Mercenary consists of 9, almost 1 hour each, missions. This is a full console experience on a handheld. Upon completing missions, new replay challenges become available along with new objectives. The game will also include a full multiplayer aspect with 6 maps, which will allow up to 8 players in up to 3 different game modes, like the one so popular Warzone. The game is powered by the same engine used in Killzone 3, so the handheld version will look nearly identical and stunning as the console version. Check out the trailer below, along with some new screenshots and offical cover art. Killzone Mercenary will release on the PlayStation Vita on September 17, 2013 in North America.




Written by: Joseph Caballero

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