Nexuiz Review – Adrenaline Rushing Fun

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Developer(s) By: Illfonic
Publisher(s) By: THQ
Rated: Teen
Release Date: February 29th 2012
Platform(s): Xbox 360 – XBLA, PC & PSN Soon.[/show_hide]

First off, Nexuiz is not your typical shooter. It’s fast paced, wild, and at times just momentously crazy. Does that mean it’s bad? No, Nexuiz mixes the old with the new to create a nice and well-rounded game that is sure to attract some first-person shooter fans. Nexuiz feels good, but the overall feeling is short lived. With little modes and a soon to be repetitive selection of maps, Nexuiz has a lot going for itself but is short lived by what was released. Content is the key, and for the price many may find Nexuiz valuable, but the overall feeling of not getting the full experience is the biggest concern that I feel for in Nexuiz.

Nexuiz puts the Kavussari and the Forsellians against each other in an area instead of on the fields. The special notation is that Nexuiz is a live broadcast show for the viewer’s pleasure. That is basically the premise of the game; however story doesn’t play in part when you play. Nexuiz is an online multiplayer game. There are two modes, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag. It comes without saying but, Team Death Match puts a set of 4 vs. 4 against each other. Capture the flag is well similar, except your goal is obtain the flag and take it back to your base. Although Nexuiz revolves around online playing, you have the option to play offline. Nexuiz features an offline, Bot Training mode which at times allows you to feel overpowered. The modes are nice and simple, but I would have liked to see more. Although the game is only 800 MSP ($10), I would see it more likely that future DLC will bring more modes and maps.

I loved the fast pace experience that came from Nexuiz. The controls are straightforward and simple to use. They felt smooth and responsive, especially with all the fast motion going on. Nexuiz combines games like Halo and Unreal Tournament giving an overall adrenaline rush experience. The combat is great and the controls are good as well. Weapons controlled nicely, and I never found myself upset over the controls. With 9 weapons to choose from, Nexuiz offers a wide array of weapons and abilities. Each gun’s power is drastically different from each other, and made the competitive online gameplay that much more fun.

Nexuiz looks beautiful. Running on CryENGINE 3, Nexuiz played seamlessly good. A futuristic emotion was present throughout my time playing. Although, the level of texture and detail was greatly missed, it actually made the game look and possibly run better. Objects were presented as round, or curvy, and objects were also bright, shiny, and presented themselves as smooth. Nexuiz was pretty and it definitely shows. Another neat feature, and probably annoying to many of you, was the overall music. Nexuiz plays futuristic techno popping sounds. It fits very well with the theme, and adds great momentum towards the fast paced environment. However, it most definitely will not be memorable. Its feeling is short lived and through-out my play time, ignored.

Nexuiz is a good game, and for the price the content is good. But I expected more. Nexuiz may have strained away from the complex environment, instead it runs as a simple and fast paced game, but it feels short. If you like action and literally fast paced shooting, then Nexuiz is the game for you. For the price, it may not be that bad to pass, but the overall feeling of Nexuiz is quickly short lived and becomes bore some after some time. This is a game that you will most likely play if you only have a few minutes to spare, but until then you’ll most likely see another game in the console. Although my review doesn’t specify why Nexuiz feel so short lived, I can only assume it’s because it’s missing many components that First Person Shooters have today. In the end, Nexuiz is still enjoyable and offers a great amount of fun and adrenaline to those who play it.

This review was based on a copy provided by BH Impact.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Fragger

    This game looks decent, but I already have all of the Halo’s (which it does seem a bit similar to), and it doesn’t seem like it would be nearly as good as Section 8: Prejudice. I really enjoyed the demo of that game. The only reason I never bought it was because I knew the multiplayer was going to die fast, so it was pretty pointless to get. = I’m sure it will be the same case with this game, sadly, so I don’t think I’ll be buying it. I’ll have to try out the trial to see if that can persuade me.

    • Nerd4Sure

      The multiplayer may not last as long on Nexuiz as well. As it is, it was
      difficult at first to get into a game. It’s not anymore, but most
      likely will be in a few months.

      • Steal-face Bullet Proof

        yea it has to be a cod game to last online

  • Steal-face Bullet Proof

    this looks like a good game for 800 msp