Plants vs. Zombies Review (Vita Version)

[spoiler name=”Plants vs. Zombies Information”]Developer(s) By: PopCap Games
Publisher(s) By: PopCap Games
Rated: E10+
Release Date: February 22th 2012 (Vita)
Platform(s): Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Vita, DSiWare,  DS, Mac, iOS, WP7, Android[/spoiler]
Even after releasing for almost every known platform out there, Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) still holds originality and complexity that is sure to entertain anyone. You’ve probably played PvZ already, but the Vita version is still a strong installment featuring itself around the features that the Vita has to offer.

Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy based game. The idea is simple; Zombies have invaded your lawn. Prevent them from reaching your house by using the various species of plants that will guard your house. Defend, and prevent a Zombie break-in. PvZ has implemented many different types of Plants and Zombies making strategy a key in mind.  Ranging from easy to hard skilled Zombies you are given the option to choose your arsenal of plants. This commendation easily allows you to change things up from level to level, and it also allows you to strategies with your defense from the Zombies. Although, it would be nice if you could have the option to customize your arsenal and save them, giving you the option to choose between the many classes you’ve made.

The controls in PvZ are great but vary in the style you would want to use. Either you can have the iOS touch screen based controls or the PlayStation 3 button controls. I found myself playing with the touch screen instead. The response was quick and responsive. One noticeable factor was with Vita’s sensor, with its ability motion sense you can tilt the Vita to collect sun points along with coins. This one little implement may seem simple, but it’s very noticeable and easily a wonderful factor to have in PvZ.

This Vita installment looks beautiful. The colors are vibrant and detailed. Of course PvZ doesn’t take much horse power to run but the game looks great. In fact, it looks and runs even better than the iOS version. The sounds effects are great as well. Overall it’s a mere port to the system it may just be perfect for.  The best part about PvZ is that it’s capable of running the game lag free, a flaw I noticed on the iPhone 4 I usually play on. It run’s well and very fast. PvZ is a great game, and an even better game to play on the go.

The Vita version, besides the Adventure mode, also features the Survival mode, Puzzle mode (Play as the Zombies), endless mode and a ton of mini-games. With the PlayStation Network you can even work at getting some Trophies or comparing your scores in the leader boards.

My final thought? This is the same PvZ you have all played countless times, and it’s still fun and good. The Vita version is worth picking up and worth noting. The controls are nice and the feeling to run the game at such high standards on a portable device is fantastic. There are still so many types of Plants and Zombies that everything still feels fresh, even if I’ve played the game before on my iPhone. I’m a fan of PvZ and recommend you pick this up for your Vita. There will come the time when you’re just tired of a certain game or you need a quick pick; PvZ is perfect for any solution at any time. The price may be the only downfall; at $15 it may seem easy to ignore it for something like Escape Plan, but don’t! You’ll love it and enjoy it and that’s all that truly matters, besides this may be the best version of Plants vs. Zombies out, yet!


This review was based on a copy provided by PopCap Games.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Steal-face Bullet Proof

    nice review.  did you guys do a review on unit 13? i would love to see it if you did and when you are done you can send the game my way lol but i am not joking

  • Domenic Paolo

    This has always been one of my favorite games, so I\’m glad it\’s now on the Vita. Great review!

  • Jared Z

    I would HATE to have to play this with the touch screen though. Those harder levels like 30+ were terrible with the d-pad, I can\’t IMAGINE tapping crazy XD

    Still nice one fo th epop cap games i atualy loved :)