PlayStation All-Stars Get’s Free DLC

Sony has announced, that even though PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hasn’t released yet it’s getting free DLC. So what’s new in the DLC? Two new playable characters, Emmett Graves from Starhawk and Kat from Gravity Rush. Sony describes each character with the statement’s below:

In addition to the signature weapons you’ll remember from his duels with the Outcasts on Dust, Emmett’s playstyle will also utilize Starhawk’s unique “Build and Battle”system, calling down help from the sky.

Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assault. Together, they make up one of the most original duos in All-Stars

Unfortunately, your still a ways off from seeing these two in battle. They’re expected to release early next year for Free! Yes for the first two weeks that they are released they will be available to download for free. After the initial two weeks, they’ll cost you.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • analogfocus

    :( They were leaked months ago. Sucks they they’re holding them back to fill some sort of quota.

  • liljrSanchez

    DLC? Free? Well at least it isn’t Microsoft trying to charge you for everything…

  • Mana

    It sucks that they aren’t on disc (just in case something happens in the future). Still, at least they are free.

  • Jared Z

    Glad theyr’e free. Godo thing Sony isnt’ pulling a Capcom

  • genxsis83

    Yep free is also good and I actually like the characters they are adding ^^

  • K.Y. Parsons

    Give me Journey Traveller and I’ll be set =]