Skyrim Review

“I am Dragonborn. I am seen as a guardian to my people. I’ve slayed those foul dragons that seize to create destruction. I’ve pursued countless missions to feed my lust for gold and fame. I lived from place to place, hunting, looting, scouting, but mostly surviving. I had lived to fight, I’d lived for my beloved wife, and I’d lived to be free. Skyrim is my home.” My journey in Skyrim was absolutely AMAZING. The people at Bethesda have outdone themselves yet again. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is everything it was expected to be and more. Literately giving an endless amount of hours to play, Skyrim is a beautiful sophisticated game that without a doubt will entertain you for life. Filled with action, and occasionally some boring moments; you still can’t go wrong with what people are calling 2011’s Game of the Year.

The story of Skyrim revolves around the Dragonborn, either a man or woman; you are free to customize your character that will embark in the land known as Skyrim. From the beginning you are captured and sentenced to death. Your execution comes to a halt however when a Dragon attacks. Now free you leave and immediately are thrown into a massive world where you can do almost anything.  You are then set out to find out who you are, the Dragonborn. As the Dragonborn you are then foretold to kill the dragons that want to devour Skyrim.  Along your quest there’s an infinite amount of side quest, that at times feel like the main campaign. Assorted from varies assignments each mission is different than the other. Steal a ring and place it in someone’s house to frame them or set out to kill the vampires. Skyrim has an infinite amount of quest that is generated over time, and I’m glad they exist, because I just couldn’t get enough. The only problem, in my experience it wasn’t very clear that in order for me to complete a certain quest in the main campaign, I’d have to be at a certain level. Of course this didn’t affect the overall experience; I do think that if someone was in this predicament and didn’t have a recent save they would be in for some trouble. Regardless, Skyrim’s campaign is long and exciting.

I’ve spent hours playing The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas, the greatest thing about each game is that the controls have improved. Skyrim’s controls are a significant improvement and are among the best in The Elder Scrolls Series. Each weapon has its own different feeling, strength, speed, and more. The weapons are very realistic and are easily the most important factor in Skyrim. Maneuvering in Skyrim is easy and enjoyable. The walking speed is alright and using stamina to run makes things more interesting. Objects never got in the way, and jumping of mountains was still tricky, of course if you’re trying to live. Horseback riding is back as well, more defined and tuned than it was in Oblivion, I’m going to miss the horse armor though. I did however still find some weapon bearing moments difficult. The Bow and Arrow are among my favorite to use, but the overall feeling of it was still misunderstood. I went to the sword and shield because I just couldn’t get into the Bow & Arrow. I wanted a more robust and in tune feeling, but sadly It still felt weak and useless. “Magika” has improved however, spells were very useful and great to use in combat with a sword. Shouts are new this time around, and range from varies effects. Shouts play an important part and allow you to easily take down enemies. Shouts were a great concept and an even better option in Skyrim.

Skyrim is beautiful, running on a Radeon HD 6870 and intel i5 2400, it looks absolutely shiny, crisp, and very textured. The dragons are gorgeous and when they try and burn you, it was hard to look away. The fire effects were among the best fire effects I’ve seen in any game.  I did experience some glitches and lagging however but then updated the game and “bam”; it ran smoothly.  Skyrim is an absolute visual masterpiece; the dragons are menacing and gorgeous at the same time. Overall, you’ll be very pleased with Skyrim’s visuals, also take note you’ll need a pretty strong computer to get the best visual experience in Skyrim. Skyrim also has a very diverse dialogue system. The choices you make will not affect the overall game, but do affect the side quests. One great aspect about Skyrim is also the voice over. I do think that there are a certain amount of characters that do sound the same, but overall the work was great. There is a real tone of seriousness within each character’s voices. Skyrim contains some great voice over work along with beautiful visualizations.

In the end, Skyrim will go down as one of the greatest games of 2011. The graphics were amazingly done and the dialogue was very impressionable. The hours I’ve spent playing Skyrim were certainly not enough. This review is based mostly on the main storyline and a few side quests. I still have an endless amount of fun ahead of me playing the rest of Skyrim. I took a journey and loved every minute of it. I spent what felt like so much barely touching the surface of what easily is a dynamic explosion of an experience. If anything gaming is supposed to be like this. Skyrim again, was everything it was expected to be and more. Almost everything about it is great, and what’s not so great is very minimal it doesn’t even feel like they exist. Skyrim is a must play for anyone who is willing to start a new life. From what came out to be on top and did in fact make it to the top is now available for everyone to play. So what are you doing? You’ve read this review, watched the gameplay video, “4 Ways to Die in Skyrim” and if you haven’t done so go out and buy the game. There is no negotiation, it’s a must have.


Written by: Joseph Caballero

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