SimCity Mayors Get a Free Origin Game

After all the negative remarks towards the always online DRM service, EA is giving back to those who struggled with the games launch. EA is offering anyone who has purchased and activated their SimCity copy a free Origin PC video game. Starting March 22nd the portal will be live worldwide.

The Walking Dead Game Saves Will Carry Over

We reported a while back that TellTale Games have announced a Season Two for the Walking Dead Game. Now, coming from TellTale Games themselves, those saves from the first season will carry over to the next season. They’re pulling a Mass Effect move where your previous decisions will impact the second season. In an interview

Bioware Working on a New Mass Effect Game

How many of you saw this coming? Via Twitter, Casey Hudson has tweeted that Bioware is working on a “completely new Mass Effect game.” The Mass Effect franchise ended earlier this year with the release of Mass Effect 3. The ending of the game sparked a great concern for the

Mass Effect 3: The Groundside Resistance pack

Available today for download on the XBLA Marketplace and PSN Store, The Groundside Resistance pack will bring new weapons to the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3. The pack will cost $1.99 or 160 MSP. Dive into the action with the brand new Venom Shotgun, Executioner Pistol, Kishock Harpoon Gun,

BioWare Announces Mass Effect Trilogy

If you’ve missed out on one of the best trilogy in gaming history, now’s the chance. Mass Effect Trilogy will include Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, along with a premium foil box featuring Commander Shepard. With over 75 hours of story content, and the multiplayer experience

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Confirmed

After many rumors and leaks, EA has announced the first upcoming single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3, Leviathan. This is the official description from EA and BioWare: Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is the first story-driven, single player DLC to be made available since Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. Leviathan expands

Mass Effect 3 DLC Earth Coming Next Week

New DLC is coming again to Mass Effect 3. The DLC will be available on July 17th, for free, on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Origin in North America. Europe’s PlayStation Network version will release on July 18th, while the Xbox Live and Origin version will release on the 17th

Limbo Special Edition Announced

Available today, PlayDead has released a Special Edition of Limbo. The box set is priced at $24.99 and will include a: Special edition boxDisc with DRM free PC and Mac versions Standalone soundtrack by Martin Stig Andersen Includes seven original art cards, a boy sticker, and 3D glasses Free Steam