E3 2012: Assassins Creed III Liberation Announced

Ubisoft and PlayStation have announced a PS Vita exclusive, Assassins Creed III Liberation. Liberation will feature touch controls along with camera and near features. For the first time in the franchise, Liberation will feature a female Assassin. Liberation will take place in the 18th century against the unsuccessful Louisiana rebellion.

Wheels of Destruction Review

[spoiler name=”Wheels of Destruction”]Developer(s) By: Gelid Games Publisher(s) By: Gelid Games Rated: ‘E’ for Everyone Price: $9.99 ($7.99 for PS+) Release Date: April 3rd, 2012 Platform(s): PlayStation Network [/spoiler] Have you ever felt the urge to drive around and blow up other vehicles but not want to pay the consequences

Mass Effect 3 New Ending Details

Well it’s happening folks! A new or at least extended version of the ending is coming very soon. Although no specific release date has been confirmed Bioware has announced that it will release this summer. Price has been announced though, and guess what? It’s FREE! The Mass Effect 3 Extended

Microsoft Confirms Some XBLA Release Dates

This summer, prepare your wallet and yourself for some awesome Xbox Live Arcade releases. Microsoft will release four games back to back, which is initially called “Arcade NEXT”. Check out the list below: Trials Evolution: April 8th, 1200 MSP ($15USD) “Trials Evolution” is on every front, the next dimension of

Puddle Review

[spoiler name=”Puddle Information”]Developer(s) By: Neko Entertainment Publisher(s) By: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Rated: Teen Release Date: January 25 (XBLA) & January 31 (PSN) Platform(s): Xbox Live Arcade & PlayStation Network [/spoiler] Puddle started out as a project by six French students for the 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival. They did

Ninja Gaiden 3 Launch Trailer

Team Ninja, is working hard on their latest Ninja Gaiden. Luckily, they’ve released an Official Launch trailer for all you eager to play the game. Ninja Gaiden 3 releases for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 20. No date has been confirmed for the Wii-U version.

3 New Expansions Coming to Battlefield 3

Many Battlefield 3 fans have been left in the dark with the only expansion pack, Back to Karkand. But now, EA has announced 3 DLC expansion packs that will release throughout the year. Powered by the Frostbite 2 Engine, players can expect the new expansions to full of destructible environments,

Shoot Many Robots Release Date

Seems there’s a lot of shooting going on around, but this time Robots are the ones being shot at. Shoot Many Robots stars protagonist P. Walter Tugnut, who is thrown in to saving the world after a factory begins producing killer robots. Featuring 4 player co-op and weapon customization, Shoot

Xbox Live Releases – New Assassins DLC

Just confirmed, New Assassins Creed Revelations DLC will release on Xbox next week. Titled, “Live Archive” is set to release on February 28th for 800 Microsoft Points. PlayStation users, date and price is unknown. No further detail is known as of now. I’ll keep you posted. Along with this post,

Want an Early Copy of Mass Effect 3?

Sorry  I wont be giving away any, but EA has announced today that they will be giving a few early copies of Mass Effect 3, from space! Weather balloons carrying copies of Mass Effect 3 will set out from New York, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, and Paris. The