The Legend of Korra Gets A Release Date

Fans of the series will be happy to hear that the Legend of Korra’s video game will be released October 21, 2014 on the Playstation Network and PC while Xbox Marketplace will receive it on October 22nd. The Legend of Korra will be a third-person combat game. Taking place between

Platinum Games Announces Legend of Korra Game

Looks like Platinum Games has another game in the works, but this time they’re taking a shot at The Legend of Korra!

Set between season one and two of the Nickelodeon television show, The Legend of Korra is about a girl with the ability to control all 4 elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) who is destined to save the world! If anybody can do the game justice, it’ll be Platinum Games, known for their fast and fluid gameplay. I for one, am crazy excited. What do ya’ll think?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Announced

Sorry, I’m a bit late on the Call of Duty bandwagon. Regardless, Activision has announced and revealed this year’s Call of Duty. Developed by Sledgehammer, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to take the franchise much more into the future with exoskeletons, mech armor, and futuristic weapons. Call of

Child of Light – Lemuria is Stunning

The world of Child of Light, Lemuria, is absolutely stunning. It’s a world taken from fairy tales and I can’t wait to explore it. The press release states: “Take an extraordinary journey through the vast world of Lemuria and explore its mythical environment as you interact with its inhabitants and

Snoop Dogg Heading to CoD: Ghosts

Looks like the original voice over for Call of Duty: Ghosts now has some competition. Activision has announced that Snoop Dogg will be able to narrate your online matches. The Snoop Dogg Voice DLC Pack is schedule to release first on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $2.99 on April

The Last of Us Confirmed for PS4

Last month a slip-up about a possible PlayStation 4 version of the critically successful PlayStation 3 exclusive title, The Last of Us took over the internet as many eagerly hoped it would be confirmed. Today, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4. "SCEA

CoD: Ghosts: Easter Eggs # 2

Welcome to the second installment of Call of Duty Ghosts: Easter-Eggs. This time around I am going to focus on the Onslaught maps. I know it has been awhile, but I have spent this time trying to locate the easter-eggs I am going to reveal to you. One of these