Persona 5 Coming to Playstation 4

Previously only announced for release on the Playstation 3, Persona 5 has been confirmed to also be coming out for the Playstation 4 in 2015. I’m sure that there were tons of others like myself who were sad to see that it wasn’t coming to the new generation of systems

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Release Date Announced

Klei Entertaiment just announced that Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, the Playstation Vita port of the recent Playstation 4 release, is going to be released on September 2, 2014. The Giant Edition includes the expansion pack “Reign of Giants” that saw it’s release on the PS4 and PC earlier this summer.

The Legend of Korra Gets A Release Date

Fans of the series will be happy to hear that the Legend of Korra’s video game will be released October 21, 2014 on the Playstation Network and PC while Xbox Marketplace will receive it on October 22nd. The Legend of Korra will be a third-person combat game. Taking place between

Tekken 7 Announced

At EVO 2014 this weekend, Tekken 7 was accidentally announced more than once when its logo flashed on the screen at the tournament. Later on Sunday, also released an announcement video prematurely (that was eventually pulled down). After the leaks, it was eventually confirmed by Bandai Namco who also

What is Escape Dead Island?

Later this year, we can expect a new addition to the Dead Island series, Escape Dead Island.  Unlike previous installments in the series, this game is told from a third person perspective with a focus on stealth as opposed to the usual guns, or axes, blazing.  In addition, the story is

Xblaze Code: Embryo Review

Virtual novels have always been somewhat ignored in the US. A couple surprises have made their mark in 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. Luckily, Aksys has localized XBlaze Code: Embryo, a prequel to the BlazBlue series of fighting games, to the western world. There‚Äôs one thing any gamer should know about

Dead Island 2 So Far…

Next year, gamers can expect a sequel to 2011’s Dead Island, a zombie packed adventure filled with many side quests, zombie variations, and survivors. Unlike the name suggests, Dead Island 2 takes place in sunny California.  This means that we could possibly see several celebrity cameos, the Hollywood sign and other tourists spots,

Squids Odyssey Review

Squids Odyssey is a game that enacts its own storyline as treasure-hunting Squids go ‘liberate antiques’. There are eight worlds to conquer in Squids Odyssey, each of them has a variety of levels and enemies to complete and defeat. There are also multiple variations of Squids, each with their own class and

Blue Estate Review

Blue Estate is bear with me here, a rail-shooter.  Now that you’re (hopefully) done cringing, it warrants mentioning that the solidly bad reputation of rail-shooters coming across rather dull and slap-dash at the best of times usually seems pretty accurate, but is it fair to assume that they’re all bad? I mean,