Noir Syndrome Review

Developed by Glass Knuckle and Bombadeer Studios, Noir Syndrome encompasses the reminiscent of the 1940s murder-mystery era all the while playing detective in a town filled with crimes that never cease to end. There is no background story for Noir Syndrome giving the player creative freedom to develop one as he or she goes along. Is

Daylight Review – Turn Off The Dark

Horror games can be immersive like no other genre.  They are unique in the regard that the better and/or more intense (those two ideas are not always mutually exclusive, but usually) they are, the more reticent you can actually be to play the game.  The reasons I was reticent to

Signal Studios Aquires Toy Soldiers

Signal Studios today announced that the rights to Toy Soldier have been acquired. What does that mean? Well Signal Studios now has more control of the franchise and can now bring the game to multiple platforms. They will also be in charge of developing future titles in the Toy Soldier

When Can You Play Child of Light?

Child of Light takes the classic fairytales you know and love and reimagines them into a turn-by-turn combat JRPG. Take Aurora through the mysterious world of Lemuria. The game sets you against the Queen of Night who’s companions Igniculus the firefly are a nightmare to behold. Ubisoft’s Child of Light

Steam-ing it up with Blazing Hot Deals

Steam is launching yet another assault on your wallets by unleashing their Holiday Sale. Starting today and running through January 2nd, over 2,000 games are discounted across the whole of the Steam online store. Get top AAA titles like: Metal Gear Rising: Revengance for $19.99 (33% off) Batman: Arkham Origins

Just Cause 2 PC Finally Gets Multiplayer

For those that have played Just Cause 2 and thought to themselves, “This game is GREAT! I’d really love to play it with my friends too, but there’s no multiplayer!” Well, that has changed. With the support of Square-Enix and Eidos, the mod team behind the JC2-MP mod have finally

State of Decay Review

Developer Undead Labs brings us their first game, State of Decay, an open world third person zombie game where the goal is simple, survive and thrive. The game quickly throws you, as a simple somewhat weak person, into a world full of zombies where you’ll eventually watch your character progress