The Last of Us Release Date, New Trailer, and Cover Art Revealed

The Last of Us has the latest buzz around here. An new exclusive PlayStation 3 game by Naughty Dog will definitely turn heads for those around, luckily we’ve been given some new details about the games further release. To start things off, it’s official  The Last of Us will release in North America on May 7th 2013.  Secondly, you can check out the new trailer below in the “Trailer” tab which was show cased at this years VGA 2012. Next, check out the official and final cover art to The Last of Us in the tab, “Cover Art”.

Now on to the pre-order goodies. If you pre-order The Last of Us at any participating retailer, you’ll be offered the Sights and Sound Pack which includes: The official soundtrack of the game, a PS3 dynamic theme featuring the cover art, and two avatars for your PSN profile (Winter Joel and Winter Ellie). Check out the offer page in the tab, “Sights and Sound”. The other pre-order bonus will be from any participating GameStop. In addition to the Sights and Sound Pack you’ll receive the Survival Pack which will include the following: Bonus experience points for multiplayer, a multiplayer melee attack booster, some extra starting in-game cash, special customizable character items for multiplayer, and two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign. You can check out those pre-order bonuses in the tab, “Survival Pack”.

What!!! Yes, you read correctly, The Last of Us will feature a multiplayer mode. Unfortunately  Naughty Dog isn’t ready to talk about that yet. Till next time!


Source: PlayStation Blog

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Juanito Sanchez™

    This game looks amazing! Definitely my most anticipated for 2013