Three Major Landmarks in SimCity

Three of the worlds most iconic landmarks are available in the upcoming SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition as a core component of the new city sets. The SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition is only available exclusively on Origin on March 8th. These three landmarks are more than just looks, they will influence and change your cities. Place any of the three landmarks and quickly watch as the surroundings adapt and change to fit the style of the building.

The SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition is packed with:

• Paris City Set – Includes the Eiffel Tower, Parisian-themed buildings and the Paris police station Ploppableand French Police Cars
• German City Set – Includes the Brandenburg Gate, German-themed buildings and the German rail stationand unique German Trains
• British City Set – Includes the Big Ben Block Tower, London-themed buildings and the London bus stationand Double-Decker Buses

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • ilRadd

    I can remember losing time playing SimCity 2…start playing around 9pm, then looking up and it would be 4am…

    Being at work by 8am was always a fun endeavor…great memories.

    Hoping for a return to SimCity greatness.