Tomb Raider Collectors Edition Revealed

Today, via Facebook, the team behind the upcoming reboot, Tomb Raider, have revealed the Collectors Edition for North America along with Europe. A Survival Edition has also been revealed, but is exclusive to Europeans only.

For North American fans, Tomb Raider will come in two version. Standard and Collectors. The Standard version will come with just the game and it’s case. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, additional bonus content may also be available. The Collectors Edition will come with the game, a weapon pack DLC, 10 track score, 3 iron-on badges, a 5″x7″ lithograph, a 15″x19″ double sided island map and post, a survival tin, and finally a 8″ Lara Croft Figurine. The Collectors Edition will cost $99.99.

For European Fans, you’ll be engorged in three version of the game. The Standard, Survival, and Collectors Edition. The Standard version will just come with the game. The Survival Edition will come with the weapon pack DLC, 10 track score, a 4″x6″ survival pouch, the Art of Tomb Raider book, a 15″x19″ double sided island map poster, and finally the exclusive Survival Edition packaging.

The Collectors Edition will come packed with the game, the survival tin, the Art of Tomb Raider book, the weapon DLC, 10 track score, the 4″x6″ survival pouch, the double sided map and poster, and finally the 8″ Lara Croft Figurine.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Ace

    I’m really liking this. I’d much rather have a poseable figure than a statue. Hopefully Play Arts Kai defies the odds and makes a great figure.

  • liljrSanchez

    True collection masterpiece for any Tomb Raider fan. Who is gonna get this?

  • ilRadd

    Very nice, but a bit to costly for me. I’ve enjoyed Tomb Raider games in the past, but I just couldn’t justify spending $100.

  • kelvin clement

    Yea I 2nd that hopefully they make enough to last for a price drop

  • Jared Z

    What happened to the one that had the Gun in it/ Guess they decided to scrap tha tone XD