Tritton Primer Headset Review

The necessity for gaming headsets have risen over the years, and for those who have just stepped into this reality can’t seem to find a relitivly priced option that can provide the same features of a headset that cost almost $200. However, Mad Catz brings us their officially licensed headset for the Xbox 360 with the opportunity at a high quality headset with an entry level pricing .  With the Tritton Primer wireless stereo headset, Mad Catz hopes to provide clear and superior audio with the use of the 5.8 GHz wireless technology, but does this headset live up to it’s advertised reputation or are they as cheap as their price ? Read on, to find out!

Upon opening the box, I noticed that the headset was without a doubt, sexy. The black color resembles the new slim Xbox 360 color and will catch a few eyes when in use. The Primer headset are very stylish and sleek with their black glossy finish. The Primer was light weight but felt of high quality. Featuring a smooth and soft cushion for your ears, I immediately wanted to test this baby out. I would also just like to state that the Primer headset is down right gorgeous, and may be the best appealing headset that I’ve ever seen or used. The box contained the headset, microphone cord, the wireless receiver, and the audio inputs for the television.  The wireless receiver was also light weight but felt less sturdy as the headset although it didn’t necessarily feel cheap.  The microphone on the Primer was very flexible but was non-detachable. My first impression was satisfying, for the price I was already given proof that these Tritton headset will deliver. Nicely packaged in the box were the audio cables and adapters for those who game with HDMI or analog, making the Primer ready to go out of the box. After unboxing, it was easy to notice that the Primer was built of high quality, and I couldn’t wait to try them out.


The Primer headset was designed nicely well. The headset is indicated with an R and L to determine which one is for the left and right ear, the downside to this is that the headset can only be worn a certain way. For those of you who like the microphone on the right side, this is not possible with the Primer. The 180 degree twist for each ear is a nice addition which is suppose to help the placement of the cushions over your ears. Sadly, they twist towards you meaning that those of you who like to place your headset around your neck with the speakers pointed outward, can not do so. For the first hour or so of gaming, the Primer is fairly comfortable. After about an hour to two, the headset however becomes very painful. As opposed to the ear cushions fitting around the ears, this headset sits on the ear which causes a lot of pressure onto your ears. This aspect of comfortableness, to many, is the purpose why they don’t buy a particular headset. However painful after a few hours, the Primer did help me moderate my gaming. It allowed me to take breaks and rest my ears and eyes in the process, something many gamers should frequently do.

The button format on the Primer was sort of a hit and miss situation. The two volume dials for the game and voice chat were on the back of the left ear, which provides an easy access when changing the volume. On the right ear, you’ll find the cover for the required 2 AA batteries. The only thing that concerned me about the buttons placement was with the mute button itself. It’s placement was definitely an odd choice being positioned at the bottom of the left ear. This made muting and unmuting difficult especially in the heat of battle. Another concern with the mute button was the indication that you get when have the mute option on or off. When the microphone is muted, the light will indicate an orange light. A light that is hard to see, to the person wearing them, because of the position of the button. Although this isn’t a major concern, this problem can lead to some embarrassing moments when you think your microphone is off but to only find out it was actually on. It would have been better to include a beep or sound to indicate whether the mute feature has been enabled or disabled.


Finally, the most important part to this review. Does the Primer sound good? Yes, in fact they sound absolutely amazing. The audio is very clear and crisp to the point where I literately heard each bullet shell fall to the ground. What was even better was hearing the footsteps of those lurking around me, when trying to keep a low profile. Keep in mind though, that both tremble and bass are preset and you can only adjust the volume of both the chat and in game audio. However, although the tremble and bass are preset, the combination of the two and their preset functions really deliver a home theater impersonation that is sure to make those ears ring of joy. The 40mm speakers delivered on all fronts taking sound not only to the ears, but within them as well. I was without a doubt, overjoyed by the performance of the audio.

The Primer audio will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat waiting to hear more. The 5.8 GHz is a vast improvement from the standard 2.8 GHz. The different waves allow the headset to not interfere with cell phones, Bluetooth, or any other devices that use the 2.8 GHz technology. The 5.8 GHz makes the  audio stream seamlessly to your wireless headset without any interference giving you no lag in audio so you know what s happening, when it’s happening. This advancement in technology really shows that Tritton isn’t trying to push out a cheap headset, they really want to provide the highest and best quality that is around to offer.


After my hours, and breaks, of gaming I recommend the Primer headset to those on a budget. In regards to being both stylish and effective, the Primer Headset delivers as a great headset to anyone looking to purchase one for only $100. As an entry level headset they are sure to delight those new to gaming headsets as well as those who have been already video gaming with a pair. Look no further and test the Primer headset out, because you are sure to be pleased with the sound of whats to come.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • kelvin clement

    Hmmm don’t really know what to think about these anyone else have any thoughts?

  • Ciara

    I should look into getting these. I have a pair of Turtle Beaches but the hubby stole them from me so need another pair!

  • Gram

    I really need a pair of good headphones. Wish they weren’t all so expensive.

  • Domenic Paolo

    Tritton seriously makes the best headsets ever – and they’re usually cheap, too!

  • ilRadd

    Very nice looking, but if they bothered your ears, they would probably kill mine – I’ve had issues in the past with headsets.

  • JC

    Comfort is one of the biggest factors for me in choosing a set of headphones to wear – despite the positive review this got, the fact that you weren’t able to wear it for hours on end is kind of a “no” decision for me :(