Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset Review

The biggest and marvelous from MadCatz official Xbox 360 licensed headset lineup, has hit stores recently. Known as the Warhead, this headset may be the best wireless Xbox 360 headset out so far. The sound is tremendously great, they’re comfortable, and wireless in every category, but with a staggering price of $299.99 and only Xbox 360 compatible, is the Warhead worth every penny for such an exclusive offer? Read on to find out!


The warhead features the same black gloss design as the Xbox 360 slim. It features 3 presets of audio for music, video, and gaming. With easy to reach controls, you can also quickly and easily adjust your audio settings. The in game volume and chat volume dials are located behind each ear cup,  readily available. This is great for those who enjoy separate game and voice controls. If you push in on the volume dial you can turn-off/on the SMV mode  or if you push in on the chat dial you can turn off/on the chat. The microphone is detachable and can twist at a 360 ratio. The microphone mute button is located behind the microphone making it really easy to mute. There is also an indicator that you see at the end of the microphone to let you know when the mute button is activated. The ear cups are made in an ear shape curvature to go around your ears, taking away ear pain from pressure and allowing sound to make its way all around.

The Warhead features a sophisticated design, and it’s overall bulkiness gives you reassurance that you’ve purchased something of high quality. Unfortunately, most of the silver lining on the Warhead is a bit on the cheap side, where it looks easy to peel off the silver coating, this overall takes away from it’s featuring charm. The black gloss surface is also noticeably easy to scratch, but you just can’t help and admire that nice polished clean gloss, which makes the Warhead one of the best looking headsets, out so far.



To get to the heart of things, the Warhead 7.1 really gives you a bang for your buck. They can get very loud but still keep that crystal clear extraordinary sound. The reason, is because the Warhead is powered by two 50mm speakers from Dolby Headphone Technology. The Warhead is a nicely well done 7.1 channel surround sound making the sound enhanced to hear every single bullet that is fired and shell that falls to the ground. This will give you huge advantages in almost every video game, where sound is a key element of survival.

Performance in audio is fantastic, but this also wouldn’t be possible without the great technology and usage with the inclusion of the 5.8 GHz wireless signal. With a wireless range of 38 feet, you’ll get clear sound without any interference from the most common wireless signal, 2.8GHz. The only drawback is with the Warhead is that the sound is emulated and not a “true” 7.1 surround headset, be the overall differences are minimal.


Additional features within the Warhead are adequate. The Warhead features many features that definitely add to the overall value of the headset. The biggest factor that will attract eyes isn’t the stylish look or the price but that the Warhead is the first true wireless headset for the Xbox 360. Meaning, there are no cords that need to be connected to the controller, including when you’re in a chat lobby. Yes, the Warhead is truly wireless in every aspect; you can chat without any cords to your controller. This huge and big advantage makes things a whole lot easier putting off the occasional pulling or irritating cord that most of the time gets in your way.

An additional feature to the Warhead goes into the battery and its charge. Astonishingly a battery could last for over 15 hours. With the addition of a second battery, you’ll get an endless amount of playtime with the Warhead. How? Because the Base Station comes with an integrated charger, so you can always charge the additional battery then when the one in your headset is dead you can switch to the one charging, and vice versa. This small feature could easily be a selling point for gamers.

With the addition of Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM), you can enable the feature with the click of the button to hear your own voice, giving you the satisfaction of how loud you sound online in the gaming community. An additional feature is with the presets for 3 EQ modes. You can customize your experience with the Game, Movie, or Music EQ settings. The Warhead even packs additional settings with the opportunity to use either a stereo input or Dolby Digital input. This opens up the possibility between Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and Pro Logic IIX 7.1 audio. You’re open up to a wide arrange of audio preferences that all sound amazing.

Although the Warhead is priced at a staggering $300 dollars, it shouldn’t be hard to part with your money on this headset. If you own other consoles and would like a headset compatible with them, then you may want to skip on these. If you’re an Xbox 360 only gamer, then this is a top-notch headset built for superior sound, extremely comfortable, and packed with many features for the best audio possible.

Written by: Joseph Caballero

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  • Sarah Grace

    Tritton Warhead looks so comfortable and just love the style of it. $300 is just way over my budget when it comes to spending on gaming gear. If I had that kind of money to throw around, it be for next-gen console. =) Maybe one day these beauties will hit the bargain bin, I would for sure pick them up. Excellent review Nerd4Sure.