Video Games Aren’t Always Doom and Gloom

The following is an infographic provided by a guest writer. The infographic details the evolutions of First-Person Shooters from 1980-2012. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Michael Rose

    this was pretty nice. I kind of would have liked to see a blurb for more games recently such as call of duty 4. Kinda annoying to have visual of exactly how many 1st person shooters there are now in comparison to back in the day when they were more a niche.

  • Jared Z

    What about THE DARKNESS. FPS that is soo damn awesome it didnt’ need 50 enemies on every map XD

    Also actual point what about something before Fallout 3? one of the 1st w/ 3rd option or something.

  • genxsis83

    Hmm I seem to have a problem loading the image. Anyways I am all for dark games as long as they are done well ^^ Alan Wake was pretty awesome ^^

  • Alex

    Interesting infographic, I like it. Not sure if I’d call all those Halo-Battlefield’s of Duty “game changers” but I guess they’re there ’cause they sold well and lots of people loved and enjoyed them. I agree with The Darkness deserving a spot there, it’s such a good game. Can’t wait for Bioshock Infinite, maybe it should be added to the infographic right now.

  • Chris Hofer

    Cool. I first started playing Unreal Tournament on my PC. Was hooked from the beginning! Great stuff!!!

  • ilRadd

    I definitely would have included Perfect Dark on the list, but I know every game cannot be included.