Xbox Live Celebrates 10 Years with Freebies and Discounts!

Xbox Live is celebrating the big 10 years with offering of a free Kinect title and discounting some great XBLA games. Castel Crashers, Bastion, Peggle, Full House Poker, Fruit Ninja Kinect, and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved have all be discounted by 50%. Castle Crashers and Bastion will only cost 600 MSP, while Peggle, Full House Poker, and Fruit Ninja Kinect are 400 MSP. Geometry Wars is a wimpy 200 MSP. Act fast because these discounts will last until November 22nd.

Now on to that free title! Recently release this year, Wreckateer is now being offered as a free title. However, today is the last day for you to nab a free copy before it goes back to the original 1600 MSP. Check out our Wreckateer review.


Written by: Joseph Caballero

I've been a gamer all my life and nerd4sure is my offspring =) Yea ok that's weird...anyways post as you'd like. The site is now open to anyone who registers, which is free!

  • Mr Nerve Damage

    Hard to complain about freebies & discounts but it seems a little light on content

  • ilRadd

    I hope everyone DL’d Wreckateer (even if you don’t have Kinect – just in case you ever get one) – it is a pretty good game. Sort of a 3D version of Angry Birds, but with different types of balista shots (instead of birds) & goblins (instead of bad piggies).

  • genxsis83

    Not bad at all for a free game. Played it just enough to be able to participate in the weekend cheeve challenge.

  • Chris Hofer

    …and this week with Black Friday coming up, there are some really good discounts on games and DLC. I just picked up the DLC for “Dead Island”, and I’m gonna be getting Magic 2013 and its DLC, too. Also thinking about “Spelunky” the “South Park” game, and “Rock Band Blitz”.

  • Jake Trussell

    I’ve yet to play Wreckateer but free was free plus I love achievements as well. :)

  • Jared Z

    I’m really thinking of jumping on 200 Geometry Wars. I here it’s awesome

  • Ryan Hancock

    Wreckateer free is cool. Maybe I will actually pull my Kinect out of the forgotten gaming hardware box.

  • Juanito Sanchez™

    I already had Wreckateer, but FREE is something!

  • K.Y. Parsons

    Too bad I already had Wreckateer. I’m happy MSFT did SOMETHING to give back to their community. It’s nice to see that and the games that were on sale is what put Xbox Live on the map. Picked me up two of them =]

  • Alex

    I didn’t get anything apart from the free Wreckateer game. I have no space in my room though so I can barely play it :/ . I’m surprised Micro$oft actually gave out a free game. Micro$oft has always seemed to me like the greediest. At least three of the games on the list really interested me, but I decided to save up the M$ points for future downloads.