Zombie Driver HD Review

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Developer(s):EXOR Studios
Publisher(s) By: EXOR Studios
Rated: “M” for Mature
Price: $9.99 or 800 MSP
Release Date: October 17th
Platform(s): Xbox 360 & Steam (PS3 Soon)[/show_hide]

Developers EXOR Studios brings us a blood splattering game of driving and zombie slaughter, titled Zombie Driver HD. Zombie Driver HD is a game full of entertaining zombie killing with various game modes. However the game lacks in other areas such as variety in audio and visual effects. Take down mobs of Zombies as they attack in groups of twenty plus while striving to accomplish missions for the military. In the end, can you drive your way in surviving the apocalypse?

Zombie Driver HD’s premise is very simple and entertaining. You play as a nonmilitary survivor who is asked to do the military’s bidding, all while smashing the attacking zombies. Starting off with a taxi vehicle, you are tasked with completing certain objectives for the military. For example one objective, although a relatively repeated objective, involves the rescuing of a wide variety of survivors. As you progress through the game you get various weapons, like rockets, flamethrowers, and machine guns, and upgrades for your car in addition to new cars as well. The game offers a good quantity with items and equipment, but the game’s variety of zombies is sort of lacking in the ways that they act. There are only about four types of zombies that are similar except for the dogs and exploding zombies. Although the variety of zombies is a bit on the boring side, the zombie killing is almost always fun. Keep in mind though that the zombies do get harder as you progress through the game. Every few missions the zombies increase in strength and in numbers which makes them seem overwhelming, but never did the difficulty take away from the fun of the game.

Zombie Driver HD features three game modes. Story Mode, which offers the campaign portion. Blood Race Mode, a tournament racing mode full of zombies where you can fight other drivers as well as zombies. Lastly, Slaughter Mode, a mode where you use unlocked cars from story mode to defeat waves of zombie that keep coming to you, till you’re doomed. Sadly, none of these game modes are multiplayer, but you can still compare your skills with other players by using the leaderboards. This does offer some replay value but just in the case of trying to beat your friends scores.

As much fun as Zombie Driver HD is, the controls will take some time to master. I’ve witnessed several times one of my vehicles move sporadically, some tend to drift or not turn as easily as they should, but it can make the game a little bit more fun because you might kill more zombies than expected. Firing weapons is simple and doesn’t take much skill, just press a button and face forward. There are many different features for the cars including nitro, which is very useful for getting away from large crowds of zombies, car upgrades including speed and health which have to be upgraded per car, and weapon upgrades that increase ammo and other attributes for all cars. Combat in general makes this is a unique zombie killing experience that uses cars to complete missions, instead of trying to fight zombies on foot. This is a good game for those of you who enjoy zombie killing and maneuvering vehicles.

The downside to Zombie HD Driver is the ok visuals. I’d expected a little more for this type of arcade style game. The zombies all seem to be similar in design, and eventually you’ll come around that some landscapes become hard to navigate, because of the low lighting conditions. The environments do change however, but buildings seem to be the same. I felt a lack in the design, where the quality of the game should have been a bit better, but in the end this does not necessarily take away from the experience. The explosions and gore are terrific and do enhance the gaming experience by showing how zombies splatter on the road as you ram into them, causing an emotion of enjoyment. The audio leaves some to be desired, but for this style of game it is understandable. The audio is mostly the same music and sound effects of explosions and zombies going splat. Most of these add to the game, but the lack of variety does take away from the quality of the game. The only real variety of audio is in the words characters speak, but most of the voices are by the same few actors.

Zombie Driver HD is a distinctive zombie game giving the experience to enjoy zombies dying in large numbers. The zombie carnage is enjoyable, especially when you are able to kill thousands of them in Slaughter Mode; there just isn’t a game out there that can give you that opportunity. Through several playthroughs I did truly appreciate my time just mowing down zombies, all while trying to accomplish the primary or secondary objectives. Overall, Zombie Driver HD may be repetitive with its missions and visuals, it’s still has the lasting touch to make it a worthy purchase for someone seeking zombie slaughter goodness.

Written by: William Malone

  • http://twitter.com/Darklurkr23 Jared Z

    So it’s pretty much Dead Rising w/ a car XD . Seems to me like the developers new what kind of game they were making glad it’s not to serious. Stnadard “your alone shoot stuff” plot XD But hey it’s something to play right/ Better then 1/2 of Kinect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=564505289 Chris Hofer

    Curious…do you have the screen tearing issues that I have with this game? It’s almost too much to look at for a very long time. Definitely makes this game less enjoyable. :-(

  • http://twitter.com/JCTango JC

    Vehicular shoot em ups can be pretty entertaining (eg. renegade ops). This one is a nice take on the genre – don’t see too many zombie ones. The camera work in the game can get annoying at times (from what I saw in videos)